Willie TOur good friend Willie T is a guy you probably see all around Los Angeles, either holding a still or video camera … that’s because he’s always hard at work and it’s his passion.

He’s been on BallerStatus.com many times, via the awesome video clips he sends us. From tattooing and interviews to behind the scenes pieces and lifestyle clips, Willie does it all.

The folks over at T.I.T.S. Brand recently ran a short Q&A with the busy videographer — who films and puts together all the behind the scenes clips you see from them — on their blog (TwoInTheShirt.com/Blog).

Here the piece, explaining his relationship with T.I.T.S., as well as a little about himself, his influences and the future:

For those wondering who is responsible for providing those exclusive behind the scenes viral videos from the various TITS photo shoots, that man is Willie T. A Guatemalan-American who got his start in the film scene initially due to his love of skateboarding, was introduced to TITS owner Marek Grubel and the rest of T.I.T.S. crew while they were down in LA. He was assigned to shoot an interview with Marek and subsequently recorded a behind the scenes take of a T.I.T.S. Wifey photo shoot. The quality and ability to reach such a broad audience impressed Marek and those at T.I.T.S., a close relationship immediately blossomed and has been maintained ever since.

How did you get your start in film and photography?
In 1997, I started shooting skateboarding, from there everything went crazy. We’d drive Saturday to the bay, come back Sunday and skate everywhere. From there I started DoYouSkate.com in 1999, it was one of the first social networking sites on the Internet. Kids all over the world would message us, we would create their own profiles. Then Myspace came along shortly after and you know the rest.

Who and what are you influences?
There were lot of people who were influential on the way here. Estevan Oriol, all the homies from Known Gallery… all of my homies that have been a part of my life have influenced me in some way — they could be skaters, could be business owners like Marek (TITS), artists in the tattoo culture, people who share the lifestyle who are driven to create and never stop doing what they do. These are the people that motivate me. You can’t give up, you’ve got to keep on pushing. What are you going to leave behind for your family or ancestors? Of course, shout out to the homie Justin Barnes aka Rev aka World Wide Rev for being part of the team!

What are your goals?
I’ve fulfilled my goals so far, I have gone to Japan and Hawaii. When I was a kid, my dad talked to me about Pearl Harbor, even though he is from Guatemala, he loved our country — the red, white, and blue. When I went to Hawaii and saw Pearl Harbor, that was my first victory. Somebody paid for my trip and expenses, and I was shooting girls in Hawaii. What more could I ask for? Just recently this year, I went to Japan. It was the best feeling as an American going there. Later this year, I’m going to the Philippines to shoot girls skateboarding, and fighting. They’re not big goals because there is so much more out there. I guess the next thing would be a documentary.

What is your favorite piece of work that you’ve done? Favorite work you’ve done for TITS?
That’s easy, everything we’ve done with all the big collaborations, especially those with Estevan. Watching the big homie work, Marek allowing me to do what I do. So in short all the T.I.T.S. stuff.

What projects do you have coming up?
Some top secret stuff, you’ll see eventually I can’t really say much. Of course more T.I.T.S. stuff. I got a call from a company, Riviera Skateboards we’ll be lining some things up and maybe in 2011 we will have a Willie T line of tees by T.I.T.S.