TwistaTwista’s upcoming biopic, set to drop through EMI in late November, is a compelling story of the charismatic and legendary MC from Chicago, on the verge of releasing his long awaited new album.

For the film, the rapper enlisted director Vlad Yudin, who created a film to tell a story of Twista’s upbringing in the Windy City and the city’s impact on his development as an artist and his inspirations in life.

Like never before, the fast-tongued rapper reveals the personal side of his life, his inner-circle and more. The audience will get a chance to discover the side of the Twista that they’ve never seen before. The film will attempt to explore a variety of topics dealing with Twista’s personal life, including his family, children, home, close friendships and of course his life goals.

“I enjoyed filming on location in Chicago especially on the west side of the city. The audience will be taken to that place as well,” Yudin told “Twista gets surrounded everywhere he goes in the city. On one of the days we were filming, fans were randomly riding by and playing his music in the middle of the shoot. I don’t want to reveal all of the details about the film, but there will be a lot of things in it, a lot of exciting things.

“Twista has never really revealed his personal side before or his inner circle, but we got an inside look at his life,” he continued.

The film is approximately 90 minutes long, and will outline the rapper’s accomplishments, his importance and influence in hip-hop and music overall. It will examine his matchless signature flow patterns and analyze his famous rhymes that landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1992 as the world’s fastest MC, spitting 598 syllables in one minute.

In the end, the ultimate goal of the film will be — to reveal the story of Twista and Chicago’s influence. For Twista’s fans, it will be a testament of the artist’s importance and current look at the life of a living legend.

“The documentary will serve as a real life self-portrait of a cultural icon whose career and persona, both, continues to grow and impact fans around the world. We will go behind the scenes in the life of a pivotal hip hop artist and feature special concert performances and tours,” says producer Edwin Mejia.

Look out for the documentary at the end of November.