Jannine VNew York-born singer Jannine V has been dedicated to making music the world can appreciate since her introduction on her 2008 debut, The Bad Girl Gone Good.

Obtaining radio play in the Top 40 market, Jannine’s lead single, “Spend It” featuring the Ying Yang Twins, helped usher her into the industry, and onto the stage alongside acts like Rick Ross, Game, Colby Odonis, DJ Skribble, LL Cool J, Kardinal Official, and Swizz Beats during the “Funk Master Flex Car Show” in New York.

Flex is just one of several heavyweights to cosign her thus far.

As an artist catering to the hip-hop, rock, pop and R&B, Jannine V’s goal is to make music with a message for all to enjoy, along her path to making her mark on the entertainment biz, like her idols Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Stephanie Mills.

While there are countless fresh faces with new music trying to break into the industry, many are manufactured and packaged by corporations who use gimmicks to forcefeed to the fans. Jannine, however, makes it clear that these tactics aren’t her … in her words, she’s “real.”

“What I bring to the game is my records, they are real and all experiences and drama I’ve been through, and you hear it in my music,” the singer tells BallerStatus.com. “I’m not just an artist, I’m a brand. I have two brands coming out — Lady J Lip Gloss and the Lady J Boutique. I’m not an over saturated image. A machine didn’t manufacture or create me, this is all ME!”

Her latest single, “I Wanna Luv You”, has been paving the way for her goals, as fans from all walks of life are beginning to take notice.

(Listen to Jannine’s single, “I Wanna Luv You,” right here )

In the song, Jannine tells a story about a guy she dated wasn’t true to her. Obviously, the realness behind it makes the single something almost any woman can relate to.

“The single, ‘I Wanna Luv You,’ is a situation I went through recently, about a girl named me,” Jannine says of the song while giggling. “I was in a relationship where all I wanted to do was love someone ,but everytime I would put in my all, he would make it difficult by doing stupid things that would mess up the relationship. I know every woman can relate to this one, so I wrote a song about it. Sorta like a bi-polar relationship — one minute, it’s sooo good and the next min it all fell apart.”

“I Wanna Luv You” will be available on iTunes in October 2010.

The song is only one of Jannine’s latest projects. She is also launching a lip gloss line called Lady J, a step toward her goal of becoming a household name and mogul.

For more info on Jannine V, follow her on Twitter (@JannineV), or search her name on either Myspace or Facebook.