Brotha Lynch Hung Sit-Down (Part 2): Sac-Town Rappers, Family & Future Plans

Brotha Lynch HungKevin Mann’s mind possesses a profound depth. Circumventing the mundane, his creative cache of artistry has yet to disappoint. The effortless use of deliciously distorted metaphors has earned him the title, the “Stephen King of Hip-Hop.”

Misinterpreted references to baby guts still smudge people’s expressions. Brotha Lynch Hung would make Kafka cringe with pure delight. Is he crazy enough to tell the world about actually physically dismantling infants? Or, does his lyrical genius allow him to talk about abortion in a way that it hasn’t been approached … think about it. Years of perceived silence have been unable to seclude this Garden Blocc vet to resignation. Hip-Hop is the breath that feeds his brain, exhale.

In the concluding part of this exclusive interview, Brotha Lynch discusses his Sacramento, California peers, his family, and his future plans. (Read Part 1 of our interview with Brotha Lynch Hung right here) You’re quoted as saying, “Every time I make an album, I have to go through pain to make the songs that I want.” Have you ever made a track that you thought was too personal and you second-guessed yourself as to whether you should share it with the public?

Brotha Lynch: Sort’a, [when] I did the “Q-Ball” track that was on my gold album, Season of Da Siccness. I felt I moved too quick on that, because at the time he (Lynch’s cousin, Emil) had just passed. He got shot at C-Bo’s video, if you know who, C-Bo is. He got shot at his video, and I was so angry at the time that I just went on and said what I felt. I put it out and didn’t think about it. I don’t totally regret it, a lot of fans love that song. They love the fact that I had spoke up for my cousin who had passed. But, I kinda could have went a little more simple on that to avoid any drama, you know what I mean? But, at the time I was just so angry that I just went ahead and did it. Since you just brought up C-Bo, what’s going on with the Sac-Town music scene? I’m a huge Luni Coleone fan; T Nutty goes hard, too. Y’all represent a lot of talent.

Brotha Lynch: We’re like Kobe and Shaq. We know we’d be hella tight together. But, it’s just little things amongst the circle — me, T Nutty, C-BO, and Luni — that’s keep us away from each other. Me and Luni are the coolest of all of them. I could see us doing some stuff together. Luni, that’s my little bro. You know, I got love for C-Bo and T-Nutty. T-Nutty’s from my neighborhood. He kinda gets mad sometimes when I can’t move on his time. He feels that I should be f***ing with him instead of a lot of the people that I f*** with. I think it’s going to happen, me and T-Nutty’s gonna get it going soon. Because, if we do it’ll be a huge — our album — or whatever we decide to do! When you’re immersed in your creative process do you contemplate the status quo? Or, are you completely secluded in your world? How do you decide which way to go?

Brotha Lynch: Well, I do what I like to listen to. It ain’t too much out there that I like to listen to that will amp me up, so I kinda just kinda stay in my world. And it’s been working for me since 1990, you know, making the stuff I like. I actually didn’t think that anybody would like it. But, I love listening to what I write. People caught on, and it’s always worked for me. I choose to be in my own little world. I don’t even listen to rappers’ albums. Well, that’s sorta a lie, because with this album I listened to Eminem’s Relapse to see where the top MC was, you know, just to make sure I stay above water with that. But, I usually don’t really listen to rap albums before I write mine because I don’t want that osmosis. May I ask more personal questions?

Brotha Lynch: I don’t mind, go ahead. Four days after your mother passed, your daughter was born in the same exact room in that same hospital, do you have the words to try to convey your emotional state during that time?

Brotha Lynch: It was crazy. I felt like my mom didn’t really die. Four days later my daughter was born in that same room and I just sat in that room for weeks, you know, just sitting over my momma when she was in that coma. Then to come back in that room and my ex have my daughter — who looks like the spitting image of my mom, when my mom was young — come out of that same room, it takes the whole dynamic to another level. It makes me feel like I would do anything for this girl.

It helped to ease the pain. It was just me and my mom. It wasn’t me and my mom, and my dad, and my brothers and sisters, because, I’m her only son. We were like best friends. So, for my daughter to come out of that room, it just made us closer. My mom tried to stay around. She knew that it was less than two weeks for my daughter to be born. But, she just died four days before. How has the relationship that you shared with your mother help to mold the one that you are creating with your youngest daughter?

Brotha Lynch: Well, actually, my daughter is showing me — her attitude, and how she carries herself — is so much like my mom. It’s like I picture my mom growing up. There’s little things that my daughter goes through. On a daily basis, it makes me think maybe, that’s how my mom grew up. So, it makes me be closer to her, and it makes me want to talk to her to see what’s on her mind. I tell her what’s on my mind. It’s just like a continuance of me and my mom’s relationship. That is beautiful.

Brotha Lynch: (coughs) I love her so much. You’re going to make me cry in this motherf***er. Well, then I’m doing good, right?

Brotha Lynch: (laughs) Yes, ma’am, you are. When you reflect over your life, does Kevin Mann feel fulfilled? Is there something else that you want to accomplish to feel as that you conquered your goals?

Brotha Lynch: Well, this is what I want to do. It sounds corny. I want to be sitting on an island — you can buy and island for $300,000 these days. The goal is to sit on an island and write movie scripts, and sell those for the rest of my life. I’ve been wanting to do that. My goal is to buy a little small island for around $200,000-$300,000, build a little spot on there, and just go be by myself and write my movie scripts.

Because, I’m not really like a person who wants to be all out there in the limelight. This rapping is doing it enough for me and I already did that. Because, I’m very shy and I pretty much just like to be by myself. I had to search and search, and search, and search and find me a girl who feels pretty much the same way that I do. I think I finally found her. So, we’re going to get our island and chill. She writes movies too. She actually writes scripts better than I do, because I’ve been working on this music. We at BallerStatus wish you all the best. Until the next time what would you like to leave with your supporters?

Brotha Lynch: I want to say get at me on my social networks (@BrothaLynchHung and I appreciate you for being around! Especially, the times that I didn’t release an album and you still were on the Internet talking good to me. I want to say, much love for that! I owe you guys a lot more albums and I’m about to do that with Strange Music right now.

  1. Get yo island boi!!!! Good ish!!! And 4 those who haven’t sat down & listened 2 Dinner and a Movie….DONT SLEEP!!!! STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lynch a real brother no fabrication what so ever. His movies would be dope cause he so creative anyway. Do your thing brother I wish your goals you wrote about come true. God bless you bro

  3. yall niggaz is late , Lynch been out since 94, I been listen to the cat for years, I’m from the south side of Sac, yall know what time it is.

  4. Lynch is my favorite hands down. I can relate to him; been relating to him since i was in the 10th grade and i’m 32. he almost choked me up when spoke on his mom and daughter. that was deep right there. for those who dont know about him, do some homework. the dude will outrap 99.999% of artist in the game past, present, and future.

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