El Da SenseiRevered lyricist and New Jersey hip-hop veteran, El Da Sensei, has aligned himself once again with Polish production team The Returners, for the second chapter of their Global Takeover series, GT2: Nu World.

After positive response to the 2008 project, Global Takeover: The Beginning, the trio consisting of founding member of the Artifacts’ El Da Sensei, Lil and DJ Chwial felt a continuation of the series was inevitable.
Showcasing the talents of this musical combination from a lyrical and production standpoint, GT2: Nu World allows us to reminisce over the fundamentals of true hip-hop sounds, while displaying the growth of each component individually.

The lead off single from the album, “Knowledge be the Key”, features Rakaa Irisciene of Dilated Peoples and has received a positive response from tastemakers, DJs and online. The songs’ dirty loops, scratch hooks and abundance of witty metaphors indicate what the remainder of the album holds in store.

“In today’s climate of music, GT2 is a very important album that lives up to the title by demonstrating how globalized hip-hop has become as a culture,” explains El Da Sensei. “The Returners and I made this record for all those who wish to be taken away for an hour and just reconnect with the vibe of what good hip-hop is all about.

“We worked very hard molding a sound and seeking out the most suitable features to please our fans and really make this album stand out from the first Global Takeover … and I think we succeeded at that,’ he continued.

GT2: Nu World sees a supporting cast made up of Treach (Naughty By Nature), Rakaa Irisciene (Dilated Peoples), Sean Price, Akrobatik, and Bekay, among others. The bulk of production is being handled by Lil and DJ Chwial.

The fifteen-track opus is set to drop October 12th through New York label Coalmine Records.