Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond

Jimmy 'Henchman' RosemondHe’s probably the last person you’d think would be labeled a “snitch.” If anything, he’s probably be the anti-snitch within the hip-hop biz. But as they say in show biz, everything isn’t as it seems. And, according to a recent report, notorious music executive Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is not what he seems …

Rosemond is known for a notorious street reputation, but is his street rep certified? Or is it fabricated?

The New York Daily News recently obtained copies of sealed court documents in which Rosemand is named an informant for state and federal authorities since the mid-1990s.

The court docs say that the music executive, who manages the likes of rapper The Game, has given info to authorities at least three times over the years.

A source said that: “The cases against Rosemond were ongoing until June 2006 — around the same time when authorities sealed many of the documents that refer to Rosemond’s informant status — a legal move often used by the feds to protect a CI that may be actively cooperating with the government. I was able to obtain the files before they were sealed.”

In a proffer from 1997, it’s revealed that Rosemond had a secret meeting with New York District Attorney and two FBI agents, in which he provided information for “the purpose of obtaining leads to other evidence, which may be used in any prosecution”, the document reads.

In another memorandum filing, Rosemond is praised by his legal defense for his “willingness” to be “debriefed by state and federal prosecutors and agents in New York in 1997 and 1998 regarding historical criminal investigations.”

One of Rosemond’s former lawyers cited his repeated cooperation with the authorities while asking for leniency in a Los Angeles gun case from 2000.

These types of actions would the exact opposite of the “no snitching” policy most abide by in the hip-hop biz.

Below are some specifics to the alleged snitching instances as shown in court docs, as reported by the Daily News:

– While Rosemond was held on a drug and gun case in North Carolina in 1996, four inmates plotted a jailbreak and asked him to join. He alerted authorities and spent several days in solitary to avoid retribution, his lawyer at the time wrote in court papers obtained by The News from federal archives.

– In 1997, facing bail-jumping charges in New York, Rosemond gave information about crooked jail officials who altered paperwork to let him post bail.

He made “several monitored phone calls to one of the correction officers,”but the target was suspicious and “reluctant to speak with Mr. Rosemond,” court papers said.

– A year later, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn contacted Rosemond, seeking his cooperation in what documents describe only as a “historical criminal investigation.”

Rosemond was “debriefed at length by federal agents and prosecutors.” The defendant was convicted at trial, “confirming the accuracy of his information provided by Mr. Rosemond to the government,” his then-lawyer noted.

– Before he was sentenced in the L.A. gun case in 2000, Rosemond’s then-lawyer argued for leniency because of his “assistance.” The judge gave him 19 months, citing only the prosecutors’ delay in bringing the case.

Despite the findings Rosemond’s new lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, told the Daily News that his client is no snitch.

“The fact is that prosecutors later claimed he flat-out lied to them, and they weren’t happy about it,” said Lichtman.

He also noted his client never signed a cooperation agreement either. Lichtman continued, calling the paper’s story “nothing short of a targeted assassination attempt”, because of the “government’s inability to convict Jimmy in a court of law”.

“The article in today’s New York Daily News about Jimmy Rosemond is nothing short of a targeted assassination attempt by the government, with an assist from their favorite daily newspaper,” Henchmen’s lawyer said. “Due to the government’s inability to convict Jimmy in a court of law, they have stooped to trying to get him lynched in the street. We are weighing our legal options at this time but we can say in no uncertain terms: Jimmy is not and has never cooperated with law enforcement. Any suggestion otherwise is a damnable, actionable lie.”