JeremihA week ago, in late August, the Greenhouse venue in New York was packed full of industry insiders, DJs, and plus 1’s, all of whom were given a sneak peak into Jeremih’s second LP off Def Jam Records.

The event started a bit late, but they made it up to the crowd with an open vodka bar. As the room marinating in booze and was rocking to the sounds of DJ Will of Power 105, more guests poured in.

Jeremih graced Greenhouse with his presence, immediately introducing his new album, All About You.

It boasts an updated commercial sound, which seems to appeal to the younger generation of baby makers. A true R&B fan will appreciate the emotion and soul of the singer’s upcoming release.

The lead off track, “All About You”, is a bass heavy intro that gives the listener a glimpse into the rest of the album. It sets the tone, and displays Jeremih’s ability to grab a female’s attention.

The next track, “X’s and O’s” is a little more upbeat but lacks the soulful depth and relatability of an R&B song. He is signed to Def Jam, so The-Dream’s influence on an R&B project is bound to seep through the speakers at some point. The sing-songy nature of the record kept the crowd interested, but not as intrigued at this album cut. The beat was as digitally synthesized as much of the popular R&B music of today.

As the drinks kept flowing and the crowd got a bit looser, “Down on Me” blared through Greenhouse’s powerful system and immediately cut conversions mid-sentence. The mid-tempo track was exactly what was needed for the room. It’s immediate commercial appeal is what initially caught the attention of a tough New York crowd, and once Jeremih’s voice crept through the baseline, people were whispering; “Is that Drake on the track?”. It wasn’t.

The harmonic and simplistic singing style of Jeremih on this track was quite reminiscent of much of the work that has been done by Young Money’s premiere artist. The appeal was undeniable, and the room was impressed … and it wasn’t just the vodka talking either.

The official first single, “I Like” featuring Def Jam’s golden boy Ludacris, was the most familiar track played that night. The affects of radio play was easily seen when all ladies where reciting the lyrics word-for-word, giving their sexiest renditions of the song. If you are trying to get lucky, this song might just do the trick for you. The production was typical, yet elegant, and has a hint of “Birthday Sex”, which was, of course, Jeremih’s first international smash single of 2009.

Overall the album was solid and with a September 28th release date, it can possibly produce some infants by early Summer 2011.