Behind The Scenes Of Rome’s Contribution to ‘Machete’ Soundtrack

In a triumphant return to a classic Mexican folk genre, SA Studios commissioned Los Angeles-based rapper/producer Rome to inject some character into the Machete soundtrack through the addition of a timeless Corridos ballad.

Recounting the brave or tragic tales of celebrated men and women, Corridos was a prominent means of storytelling and narrating true events before the advent of mass media in Mexico. Passing under the radar of sometimes politically biased media, Corridos was news and stories for the people, by the people.

(Download Rome’s “El Corrido de Machete” right here )

Actor Danny Trejo’s Machete was a Corridos song waiting to be sung, and Rome’s selection adds flavor and history to the hero’s fearless quest for revenge.

Machete is in theaters now.

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