Soulja Boy and FabolousSoulja Boy’s anger got to him late Monday evening (September 6), when he fired off a series of tweets aimed at rapper Fabolous for comments he made in late August about the heavily-circulated clip of himself and known groupie Kat Stacks.

The young rapper appeared in a viral clip with Stacks last month (via WorldStarHipHop), leaving fans and his hip-hop peers puzzled, especially rapper Fabolous.

In the clip, Stacks is seen rubbing Soulja Boy’s chest on a bed, but … before that, she’s walks around a hotel room and shows a table with lines of coke racked up, which she claims was the young rappers.

Shortly after seeing it, Fabolous reacted on Twitter, poking fun at Souja Boy calling the decision to hang out with Stacks “Stupid Boy Swag.”

“I jus watched a worldstarhiphop video that should be titled ‘Stupid Boy Swag’,” Fab tweeted in August (@MyFabolousLife). “Lettin Kat Stacks in ur hotel room alone is #StupidBoySwag.. *All u rappers pay attention, that right there is called#StupidBoySwag* AYYYY.”

He continued, with a few more funny one-liners aimed at Soulja before ending his rant.

“Get out the wayyyyyyyy… stupid boy comin thru… #StupidBoySwag”

“Stacks on deck, Kat Stacks on bed, Camera on record, Coke on dresser… #StupidBoySwag.” Fab tweeted Tuesday night.

Soulja Boy never responded to Fab’s tweets, but did deny the cocaine use allegations with a tweet of his own: “God knows I didn’t do that. That’s all that matters, you are nothing but humans. Pow.”

That all changed Monday evening though, when Soulja Boy sent off a series of angry tweets (@SouljaBoy) toward Fab, vowing to end his career in one, and even threatening to punch him if he ever saw him in public.

“RIP @myfabolouslife … It’s over for you n**** @myfabolouslife,” Soulja Boy wrote.

“I hope your ready bitch @myfabolouslife. … I swear to God, on my life next time I see you umma punch you dead in yo face n**** @myfabolouslife,” he later added, before calling Fabolous washed up and making fun of his chipped front tooth.

“Umma give yo bitch ass the blues n**** @myfabolouslife, Get ready you lame ass n**** chip tooth bitch I hope you ready n****,” he continued.

“You lame ass n**** tryna hate on a young n**** that’s on @myfabolouslife You picked the wrong one bitch! Stay on yo lane n****.”

Soulja Boy’s rant continued in over 15 Twitter updates, but shortly after posting his last message to Fab, he deleted them quickly.

Many fans and Twitter followers speculated whether Soulja Boy’s page was hacked, but so far, it’s still unknown.

After getting messages, Fabolous surfaced on his own Twitter page, saying he had just woke up and heard about the drama. However, even he seemed to think the disses were the work of hackers.

“I dont think that was @Souljaboy, think some1 hacked his account.. Im goin back to sleep,” Fab tweeted.

There you have it. We’ll keep an eye on this one. Stay tuned…