Over the long Labor Day weekend, it was George Clooney’s new hitman tale, “The American,” that beat all new releases include Robert Rodriguez’s new “Machete” film, and Drew Barrymore’s romantic comedy “Going The Distance.”

“The American” pulled in $16.4 million over the long weekend, but since opening on Wednesday (September 1), its earned $19.5 million. The film stars Clooney as a hitman who finds unlikely friendship and romance while trying to lay low in Italy before doing one last job.

The #2 movie was a close battle, but in the end, 20th Century Fox new “Machete” film won in a close race against the heist thriller “Takers”.

“Machete” earned $14 million from Friday to Monday, while “Takers” followed with $13.5 million raising its 10-day total to $40 million.

“Machete” features a cast starring Danny Trejo and co-stars Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal and Lindsay Lohan in a bloody tale of a former Mexican federal cop (Danny Trejo) taking on crooks, dirty politicians and thugs by the score.

“The whole marketing campaign was thrust at the Latino audience, and they have clearly responded and embraced the movie,” Chris Aronson, head of distribution for 20th Century Fox, told the Associated Press. “I would go so far as to say Danny Trejo is the first Latino superhero.”

The weekend’s other new wide release, Drew Barrymore’s romance “Going the Distance” opened at #5 with $8.6 million. Barrymore and Justin Long are a couple trying to maintain a coast-to-coast long-distance relationship.

In at #4 was “The Last Exorcism, which earned $8.8 million.

That wraps things up this weekend. Next weekend, look out for the release of the action horror “Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D)”.

This weekend’s top 10 is as follows:

1 – “The American,” $16.4 million.
2 – “Machete,” $14 million.
3 – “Takers,” $13.5 million.
4 – “The Last Exorcism,” $8.8 million.
5 – “Going the Distance,” $8.6 million.
6 – “The Expendables,” $8.5 million.
7 – “The Other Guys,” $6.7 million.
8 – “Eat Pray Love,” $6.3 million.
9 – “Inception,” $5.9 million.
10 – “Nanny McPhee Returns,” $4.7 million.