2010 Apple iPodsDuring an Apple event on Wednesday (September 1), the company revealed revamped versions of their iPod line-up with new features to the familiar versions of the Nano, Shuffle and Touch.

CEO Steve Jobs called the new line-up the “biggest change in the iPod lineup ever.”

The most exciting new feature is the addition of a front-facing camera and FaceTime to the iPod Touch. They also added a rear-facing camera with HD video recording, the retina display currently available on the iPhone 4, the Apple A4 chip, and 3-axis gyro for better gaming.

Additionally, the Touch includes iOS 4.1 with Game Center, and 40 hours of music playback. The gaming element of the touch has become one of its most sought after, Jobs said, making the device “the most popular portable game player in the world.”

According to the Apple website, if you order the new Touch now, they will ship in one week. They are available in three models: an 8GB version for $229; a 32GB version for $299; and a 64GB version for $399.

As for the other models, the Nano has been upgraded with a multi-touch screen, includes a clip for easy portability, a hard volume button, voice over, FM radio, and support for 29 languages. It is also 46% smaller and 42% lighter than previous versions.

It will come in six colors, including a Product (RED) version. An 8GB version will sell for $149, and a 16GB version will retail for $179.

The new Shuffle is a $49 2GB version, which includes buttons, voice over, playlists, and genius mixes. And, will hold up to 15 hours of music.

All new iPods are available for pre-order, and will be availale next week. Check them out at Apple.com.