Tech N9neMost hip-hop heads know about the indie juggernaut that is Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne, but so do some of his superstar peers. One, in particular, who is really feelin’ Tech’s grind is Lil Wayne.

Weezy checked in with DJ Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 earlier this month for his first live interview from Riker’s Island, and while answering questions about a variety of topics, one that prompted Tech N9ne’s name was when he was asked who he’d like to work with once he’s released.

Surprisely, Tech was among the artists at the top of his life, as well as Andre 3000 of Outkast.

As much as fans were surprised, so was the Kansas City rapper, who expressed his excitement when Vibe recently asked him about it.

“I’m still surprised by what Wayne said — we’ve never meet him, so for him to acknowledge me was a shock,” Tech N9ne told the mag. “You think people of a certain stature don’t know about you. I just wonder what songs he listens to.”

Tech is known for his grueling touring schedule, which has come from years of hard work. He’s released 10 albums over his 20 years career, which have sold more than a million copies collectively.

He’s currently getting ready to head on the road once again for a nationwide tour with E-40, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone and his own Strange Music camp. But, when Weezy gets out in two months, Tech says he’s ready for that collaboration, which he says is already in motion.

“His people have been contacting us already, so I’m anxious to see what he sends me. I’m hearing his camp is all ready to send over some music,” Tech said. “And I’ll be in New York soon so hopefully I can visit him before he gets out.”