Big Fase 100The Game’s older brother Big Fase 100 dropped a diss track aimed at his young brother recently, titled “No Help,” following a public war of words on Twitter just over a week ago.

The pair have been feuding for years now, after the platinum rapper cut ties with Fase and several Black Wall Street associates due to a dispute over money.

Then, earlier this month, when Game dropped his new mixtape, Brakelights, Fase dissed Game on Twitter, calling him out for leaving his family behind once he hit it big.

In a series of recent videos, Fase explained why the recent problems arose — revealing that not only did Game steal the Brakelights title from him, but also refused to help his little sister in Detroit, financially, despite putting her business out in a new song.

According to Fase, Game had played a song for him while in the studio in recent month, in which he disses their father for molesting their younger sister as a child and later says she turned to prostitution. Despite the song, from there, while the rapper was in Detroit, she reached out to him for help to no avail.

This, Fase says, is why he chose to go after his younger brother.

“I’m big on this family thing. I’m the big brother in this motherf***er, and I’ve been trying my damnest to hold this motherf***er together for a long time, way before this punk ass rap sh**,” Fase explained in a viral clip. “So, for a motherf***er to get empowered and be able to change the way this family structure is going and make this stable and turn it into something … and to just totally say ‘F*** everybody’ is just beyond me.

“Long story short, the Brakelights thing, you stole that. You did that, you been stealing from Fase. You didn’t know that that’s not Fase’s song or that other motherf***ers was gonna take offense to it? You been f***in’ over Fase, so I guess that’s alright. But as soon as people start getting at you, I’m getting phone calls. I just want motherf***ers to know, this is about family. The Brakelights thing, it is what it is. He knocked that. Literally, you took that. But this family sh**? This is what got me on … no help.”

“No Help” is Fase’s new song, where he again accuses Game of turning his back on his family members before dissed his for taking his persona and running with it.

On the track he spits: “I thought you was solid, but all you is is plastic / You like a bastard, no man in the house, and you the same n**** who used to sleep on my couch / Yea, my memory is long, big d*** ass n****, your intentions is wrong / My word’s set in stone, your word’s in the wind / It’s hard to believe that we any kind of kin / one of the world’s first sins / is brother against brother / and I chose to keep but you’d rather see me sleep / you a shadow of a man/and that man’s right here.”