B.o.BHe’s been on a lengthy hiatus, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working. Celebrity crank caller Ralphige is back, and just leaked a new call to us … the latest victim being Atlanta rapper B.o.B, aka Bobby Ray.

Apparently the mysterious Ralphige called up the rapper (real name: Bobby Simmons) last year sometime following his arrest for marijuana, where he calls B.o.B posing as a police officer to gain more information for the department’s investigation.

However, what the rapper was unaware of and Ralphige is letting him know is that they found more than just weed … you have to listen to the snippet to find out what that is.

Ralphige tells us that he coordinating with his closest friends to make the call authentic. He also says B.o.B was a good sport, and that he’s actually a fan, so the call for fun for him.

“I crank called B.o.B about a year and a half ago. I heard a song of his called ‘Cloud 9’ and immediately became a fan I said to myself this kid is going to be huge and I must crank call him now,” Ralphige told BallerStatus.com. “I got in contact with people around him to set him up. Turns out, he was recently arrested for marijuana and the police impounded his car. That is all I needed to know and the call was made.

“He wasn’t a d*** at all. Super cool and he was cool with releasing the prank call to his fans,” he continued.

The full call is more than seven minute long, and is available for download on iTunes.

The call is just a taste of what’s to come when fans hear Ralphige’s upcoming album, which he says will have more celebrities than you can handle — including athletes, rappers, actors and rockers, socialites and more.

“My new album is going to be insane,” he says. “My previous releases I mainly prank called rappers and musicians. This time around I got NFL players, basketball players, rappers, rock stars, actors, moguls, actresses, reality TV stars, and people who are famous for no reason whatsoever like Tila Tequila. ”

While there’s currently no release date for the still untitled release, it is expected to drop late this year. For more information, visit Ralphige’s official website at Ralphige.com.