Slim Thug and Rick RossSlim Thug was confused last week when a track by Rick Ross surfaced, taking a shot at the Houston rapper and his status as a boss.

In one line on the track, titled “King Boss,” Ross spits: “She dated Slim Thug / Now she f*** with me / She finally made it to the biggest boss, luckily.”

After hearing the track Slim Thugga took to Twitter (@SlimThugga), asking Ross straight out if the newly leaked track was a diss. When the Miami rapper didn’t respond, he took it as such.

Since then, Slim has been taking shots at Ross on Twitter, going as far as calling him a hater and exchanging words with Ross’ Triple Cs group member Torch.

“Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride,” Slim Thug tweeted.

“I reached out ask if it was a diss, if it was old, he shoulda just said dat but no response to me mean he still feel like dat,” he later added.

Ross only replied with a short text (@RickyRozay): “realn****s pick up phones..a boss would kno better!!#trillsh**”

While Ross didn’t get into a public back and forth tweet war, Triple C’s Torch didn’t mind. The rapper warned Slim to watch his mouth.

“Not U2 @slimthugga aka Slim Sukka I Promise this aint the Attention U Want..,” Torch wrote (@TorchCCC). “I’m Not A Slim Thug Ima Fat Makk I don’t Give A Fukk I’LL Push Ya Hat Bakk.. Should I Make A Trending topik out this Guy Yall??”

In response to Torch, Slim wrote: “I wasn’t talking bout the HELP I got mo money then u and gunplay put 2gether RT @TORCHCCC: Not U2 @slimthugga aka Slim Sukka I Promise this”

Where this will go from here is unknown. Stay tuned…