Album Charts: Eminem Won’t Budge From No. 1 With ‘Recovery’

EminemEminem is on a roll, and no one can seem to knock him outta the top spot of the Billboard 200 albums chart, as he sit atop the list for yet another week with his latest album, Recovery.

Despite six debut, none were album to push Recovery out of no. 1. Instead, it sold another 116,000 to put the set at the top slot for its seventh non-consecutive week — the most weeks atop the list since Taylor Swift’s Fearless held down the spot for 11 non-consecutive frames in late 2008 and early 2009, reports

Additionally, Em’s new album has earned the most weeks at no. 1 for a male artist’s album since Usher’s Confessions earned nine weeks in the top slot in 2004, and the most for a hip-hop effort since OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below did seven in late 2003 and early 2004.

So far, Recovery has sold 2.22 million.

In at no. 2 is R&B singer Kem’s new set, Intimacy, selling 74,000 copies. It’s his highest-charting album to day — his 2006 album, Kem II, bowed at no. 5 with 140,000, while his 2003 debut Kemistry opened at no. 175.

Later, outside the top 10, is Rick Ross’ Teflon Don, holding down the no. 11 spot with 24,000 copies sold; while Drake’s Thank Me Later is one slot behind at no. 12 with 23,000, putting his total at 994,000.

That wraps things up this week. To cop any of these new releases, head over to

According to, overall album sales in this past chart week (ending Aug. 22) totaled 5.06 million units, up 2% compared to the SoundScan-era low sum last week (4.95 million) and down 11% compared to the comparable sales week of 2009 (5.70 million).

  1. em is garbage commercial he used to be good but than he started making fun of people and making commercial shit hes as wack as jay-z and lil wayne!!!

  2. if he tried to batlle anyone he could just annhilate them so fuck what u say!!

  3. @RICK???



  4. numbers dont mean shit patna!!!ask real hip hop heads not the wanksters that buy his garbage, and i never said he wasnt a good battle rapper bigz i just said his music is garbage commercial bullshit!!!!

  5. Eminem is one of the best, the most iconic – like he said ‘What you think, I’m doing this for me, so fuck the world, ….I’mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly
    And all those who look down on me I’m tearing down your balcony’


  6. hes wack id rather bump mack 10 then listen to his garbage!!! he might be a good lyrical rapper but he aint no gangster thats for damn sure!!!

  7. @everybody…rick is right, em has gone a lil soft…POINT BLANK!! BUT… the end it’s about longevity & numbers!! We can debate the essense & meaning of his music all day!!! But we can’t ignore the facts… 1.Black & White luv him 2.He is still relevant & 3.He is one of a few rappers that can do platinum in a digital/download age…. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

  8. Make a rap record that gets any play, then talk shit. all those hating on em are fucking retarded, anyone who has ever done art before knows it’s about progress and reinventing your style. He’s still murdering it out there, anyone who thinks he’s soft is just too slow to follow his lines and what he’s actually saying, open your ears faggots

  9. It’s always funny to watch people bicker over shit like this, but the truth is, Eminem is washed up. He’s making the same ol shit depressing ass music he’s always made. the Markieting is what sells the records not the fans buying the shit anyway. How many albums by any artist fail after they get signed to a major? not many. do the math, the majors make damn sure they don’t lose money no matter how wack a song is and yes “I’m not afraid” is wack as hell, but that goes to show the power of the mjor labels. failure is not an option. they don’t rely on fan approval no more, they just push it on you whether you like it or not, pay off the Program Directors and it’s a wrap. get a clue pussy kids, it’s not about YOU, because YOU don’t control shit when it comes to rap record sales.

  10. @ Keith Clarity, you’re right about the ‘majors’…..because I hated that Andre 3000 song…where he say ‘shake it like a pararoid’ and something about ‘mom and dad stay together.’ i hated that song for months and would get dismayed sometimes when radio played it….then i liked it one day and still like it to this day. and i acknowledge that aboutface and have proof that the majors and radio make people like things they don’t favor.

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