Dangerous Crew’s Shorty B Preps Book About His Life In The Music Biz

Shorty B Truth To B Told bookIn the Bay Area, the Dangerous Crew were legends. They were formed in the early ’90s by Too Short, and included such area greats like Spice 1 and Ant Banks, among others.

Member and producer Shorty B (real name: Stuart Jordan) has a multi-platinum track record, beginning with the Crew’s members and going on to produce hits for the likes of Digital Underground, Nelly, Tupac, Erick Sermon and the list goes on.

Shorty’s latest project is a book, titled The Truth B Told, according to a DubCNN report.

In the book, he tells his story of contributing to 108 albums, several platinum and a few gold and diamond, as well as several personal stories — such as hanging with Tupac and infamous incidents with industry figures like Suge Knight and Diddy.

At press time, it was unknown when the book was scheduled to drop.

Here’s a couple excerpts from the book:

With Tupac before Quad Studios shooting

I was living in downtown Atlanta in a building called the Scandinavian House. My phone started to ring, and when I answered it, it was 2pac saying he was down stairs. He knew that he could chill at my place undisturbed. It was him and a few of the little homies. We were chilling and smoking weed, and his phone kept ringing off the hook. It was some people calling from Quad Studios asking how much he wanted to do a verse on a song for this rapper named Little Shawn. ‘Pac said he wanted about $7700 – $7800. His phone kept ringing and they wanted to know what time ‘Pac was coming. ‘Pac stayed at my crib the rest of the night and most of the next day. That following evening, he went to the airport and boarded a flight to New York, where he was later shot 5 times.

Suge Knight, Jake Robles, Puff Daddy incident

One night I was walking out of a club in Atlanta and a white limo pulled up in front of me. I noticed that it was Suge Knight. I introduced myself, and he already knew who I was. I told him my contract was over with [Too] Short, and that I was looking for work. I told him ‘Pac and I were close like family. That’s when Suge introduced me to Jake Robles and two female friends who were with them. I gave the female that I was with my keys and pointed to my car, which was a burgundy Benz. Suge then asked if that was my car, and I said yes. Suge told me he liked my style and told Jake to give all the numbers he had to me. I was aware that they were coming from a party at Jermaine Dupri’s house. Before I concluded my conversation with Suge, I told him that Puff Daddy and a bunch of his homies were in the club and that he should be careful. I walked to my car, and pulled it over across the street, directly in front of the club. Just then, another Benz pulls up behind me and it’s my homeboys Bobby & Keith from the bay area. Soon after, I see people back-peddling out of the club entrance, arguing. I notice that it’s Suge & Jake being surrounded by Puff’s people. I see a guy in a light blue, aqua green sports jacket and white pants, a guy named Anthony “Wolf” Jones who later gets killed outside of club Chaos a few years later in Atlanta. Wolf pulls out a chrome pistol and starts shooting into Suge & Jake’s direction. I’m actually standing inside my car door area when I hear, “BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!”. I duck, and look back over my shoulder and see that this other guy is shooting into the crowd, and then he takes off running. I jump behind the wheel and take off at top speed. 10 minutes later I drive back by the club and I see the paramedics putting Jake in an ambulance. He received 4 gunshots to the stomach and torso. He died 4 days later.

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