Birdman 900k chainEverybody in the hip-hop world knows Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman, is the #1 Stunna … and this clip is further proof on why he still maintains that title today.

In a clip MTV posted on Thursday (August 19), which appears on DJ Scoob Doo’s new DVD, “Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition,” the hip-hop mogul shows off a 900 karat medallion and even gets the jeweler on the phone to confirm with the camera.

“Its 900 karats right?,” Birdman asks.

“Yes, 900 karats,” the jeweler chimes in from the phone.

“900, not 859, not 800, this bitch is 900 K?” Birdman asks again.

“Nine, zero, zero, point, zero, zero,” he responds.

“Aight, soo woo. Real talk. I love this bitch too. I got a lot of different pieces, but ain’t none of them been 900K. This 900,” Birdman says before the clip ends.

According to Scoob, this piece of jewelry is just the rapper/CEO’s latest piece, further explaining to MTV that he’s never re-sold jewelry to upgrade, but instead keeps every piece he’s ever made.

“He’s the type of person that also lets it be known he never re-sold his jewelry. You know how people have their first chain in their first video, swap it out, then get a new one? He has every piece of jewelry he ever owned,” explains Scoob.

The DJ says he’s been shooting footage with Birdman for months now, for use on his upcoming “Entourage” DVD, as well as the superstar’s upcoming “Godfather” DVD. One thing Scoob says is Stunna is lazy at all, even though he can probably afford to be. He says he’svery much hands on.

“It’s not like he orders people to work hard and he doesn’t work hard himself. Or it’s not like he’s sleeping while everybody is working. No, he doesn’t sleep either,” Scoob explains. “You hear about Wayne not sleeping and being in the studio all night. Baby may not be recording, but it’s not like he’s in the other room with strippers and living life -— he’s finding something to do. He practices what he preaches. He ain’t on some sh** where he’s trying to reap the rewards of other people’s hard work. He’s trying to get his hands dirty, he’s putting in work himself.”

“Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition” is currently available on and will hit the streets August 27th.