SkyzooA little after one year since releasing his first studio album, The Salvation, Skyzoo is set to return with Live From The Tape Deck, entirely produced by !llmind.

The Brooklyn rapper has spent the last year promoting and touring off The Salvation, completing separate nationwide tours with Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, and his music has been featured in ESPN programming and most recently in an episode from the current season of “Entourage.”

Now, Skyzoo feels Live From The Tape Deck is the perfect follow-up record for fans who are anxious for new material.

The rapper says his goal while recording the album was “to make something that felt like a 2010 cassette tape. I wanted the content to be raw and lyric driven as always, but not as story driven or emotional as The Salvation
was. There are still parts of the album that are stories and concepts, but not as much as my debut had. This one was more of a beats and rhymes type of album.”

!llmind brings true validity as the sole producer for the album and helps provide a consistent sound throughout the project. He is definitely making his mark in the industry with upcoming beat placements in albums such as Jared Evan, Redman, Drunken Tiger & Yoonmirae (two multi-platinum artists from Korea) and more.

On Live From The Tape Deck, !llmind took a custom approach to the production for the album based on the concept of the title.

He says he “wanted to keep the soundscape warm and ‘analog’ sounding, just like how 2 inch tapes used to sound. Most of the keyboard and synth sounds I used were from analog synths made in the late 80’s. Combined this with using my ASR-10, I was able to capture that feeling, but with a slightly updated feel. I think our debut record, ‘Frisbees’ was a cool way, sonically, to introduce the sound I was going for.”

Features include his Duck Down family Sean Price and Rock, Torae and Buckshot, as wellas Rhymefest and Styles P.

Live From The Tape Deck is due out October 5th, via Duck Down Music.