Erykah BaduThe publicity Erykah Badu received when she appeared nude in the music video “Window Seat,” which she release in March, definitely worked. But, it came with a price … one that was probably worth the buzz she created.

Last week, a Dallas city spokesperson said Badu paid a $500 fine and agreed to serve six months probation for the stunt.

Shortly after the clip surfaced months ago, in which she is seen stripping nude as she walked through downtown Dallas (specifically, Dealey Plaza, the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963), local authorities cited the singer for disorderly conduct after several citizens filed indecency complaints with police.

City of Dallas public information officer Jose Torres said Badu’s probation will end around February 2011, and she faces the revocation of her probation if she commits any city, state or federal offenses during her six-month term.

The Texas native must also notify the court about any address changes within 10 days of moving. If her probation is violated, Badu will have a criminal conviction on her record.

(Watch the “Window Seat” music video right here )

Back when the video was first released, directors Chike and Coodie explained to MTV that they didn’t have an official permit to shoot the music video, and further said they were well aware of potential attention from law-enforcement officials … and Badu was fully prepared for the consequences.

“We had bail money and everything,” Coodie said. “I think she really wanted to get arrested and even make a bigger message.”