The Game and Big Fase 100Rapper The Game’s problems within his family has been well-documented in his music and the media. One member he’s rapped about on several occasions is his older brother Big Fase 100, who in the beginning of his career could always been seen by his side.

However, for whatever reason, he and Fase have not been on speaking terms for quite some time, and has even targeted him on a few mixtape tracks.

Last week, that issue with his older brother spilled over onto Twitter when Fase called out the Compton rapper, accusing him of leaving his family behind once he became a rap star.

“This ain’t about no f****in ‘Brakelights,” Fase exclaimed (@BigFase100), commenting on Game’s mixtape of the same name. “It’s about the Taylor family and the family member who got [money] and left everybody behind … mom/dad. all.

“F*** a n**** who do a song bout his sister life without her blessing, but wont help her when she reaches out doin bad. F*** a family member who leaves his whole family hangin,” he continued.

According to Fase, the only chose to comment publicly because his rapper-brother ignores his attempts to reach out privately.

Of course, The Game either heard about, or saw his brother’s tweets and responded accordingly, without naming him directly.

“F*** family!!!” the rapper wrote (@TheGame). “From the bottom of my heart. Ya’ll think yall gone run me dry. hit ya #brakelights hoe … ain’t gotta piece of lint for you.

“Question: How many ‘FAMILY’ members came to see me when I was in the hospital all shot up? The answer: 0,” he later added.

This is just the latest in Game’s publicized family problems. In 2008, he got into a physical altercation with his cousin at his sister’s funeral after he was accused of bailing on funeral costs, which his cousin said he previously agreed to pay. The news made several major websites, including TMZ.