T.I.T.S. Fall 2010 Collection

Seattle-based streetwear line, T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt), dropped its Fall 2010 collection this week, which includes 16 new designs and collaborations.

The Fall 2010 collection is full of follow-ups to previous tee releases like the popular collaboration with Estevan Oriol and Rosa Acosta, as well as new designs featuring XXX stars like Lela Star, Sunny Leone and Tera Patrick.

“Just like with every collection there is a lot that goes behind the design of a tee,” T.I.T.S. says in a press release. “This collection is filled with tees that have meaning behind them and are more than just dope ass concepts it’s our lifestyle.”

The collection is available now at retailers across the country and TwoInTheShirt.com.

Below is a rundown of some of the new tees:

Raw (Estevan Oriol ft. Rosa Acosta): Follow up to “Sh** is Bananas” tee, this concept is left up to you and your imagination, is she baking a cake or…

Luxury Vixen (ft. Lela Star): This is a play off of LV and to our knowledge this acronym has never been used before.

PYT: This is our ode to Michael Jackson. This is the first time that this tee will be available to all wholesale accounts.

Ex Wife (ft. Tera Patrick): Tera has done been the “Wifey”, she’s been the “Luxury Model”, and now that she is divorced this reflects her putting the past beneath her and under the ground. The broken bottle shows that she has ended her “wifey” duties.

Twins (ft. Twin City Twins): Play on Minnesota Twins logo and who better to use than the Twin City Twins.

Loaded Pistol (Collab w/ Revok): Follow up to “End of the Day” tee. “A women is more dangerous than a loaded pistol” just another quote that Revok feels very strongly about.

Sh**tin on the competition: This is what we do, enough said!

Trend Setter: This is what we did and will continue to do! We felt that there is a lot of people out there setting trends in their respective fields so why not let everyone know what you are.

Most Official: This is a dis on Official hat brand. Once the money is paid back that they owe us the shirt will be taken off the market.

Sunny Wifey (ft. Sunny Leone): We started with her “Tits Up”, then “Taste It”, now we are on the third and final in the series of tees with Yuhmm.com ft. Sunny Leone.