Kanye West and Amber RoseKanye West and Amber Rose seemed inseparable for quite some time, but things came to a screeching halt sometime this summer and made its way to Us Magazine who reported the couple were taking a break.

Since the news broke, both have been tight-lipped about their relationship. However, ‘Ye recently opened up a little — not about why they broke up, but what Amber Rose taught him.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, West confirmed that he and Rose have split before explaining some of the good things she brought into his life.

“Yeah man, it was an amazing time and it came to an end,” Kanye said on the air.

“One of the greatest things that she showed me was just to be a nicer person because she was so disconnected from the concept of celebrity when I first met her,” he later added. “A celebrity could be talking to people crazy and everyone’s used to it at the label like, ‘He’s wildin’ out. It doesn’t matter.’ [Amber] be like, ‘What?! You just talked to your fans so crazy right now. I’m not even talking to you right now.'”

As Kanye continued his talk with Martinez, the rapper explained how his experience with Rose made him realize one of his biggest goals — to have a family.

“I grew from that. I think that was the greatest growth that I got from that experience,” ‘Ye revealed. “My goal in life is to really have an amazing woman and have a family, but I think I had to go through these different things to grow.”

Before dating Kanye, the former stripper-turned-model was not very well-known. But within months of being spotted with the superstar, she became a celebrity herself. However, Kanye says he can’t take the credit for turning her into a star.

“The person has to have a piece of that in them,” Kanye admitted. “They have to be interesting, but throughout my life I’ve picked stars before too, not particularly that I’m dating, but just finding a person that you think can be a star and would be interesting to people.”

While he doesn’t hold any hard feeling toward Rose, he insisted that he wouldn’t be dating another woman of her type. “That was a one-off,” he laughed

As far as future relationships, West doesn’t plan to date unless he sees a serious future with the person and the possibility of a family.

“I’m not trying to dive into anything unless I really, really think that I can marry this person. I look at this person and I say, ‘This is how I want my daughter to be.'”

Source: Props to Rap-Up.com for the info.