Young JeezyYoung Jeezy has been the talk of the Internet as of Monday night (August 9), when his camp leaked “Death B4 Dishonor,” the first song of his upcoming mixtape 1,000 Grams.

On the track, the Atlanta rapper spits over Rick Ross’ popular “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” instrumental, which fueled speculation among fans that Jeezy was taking shots at Ross for using the BMF name, a crew the rapper had been affiliated with in the past.

Despite certain lines in the song, Jeezy cleared things up with MTV on Tuesday (August 10), explaining there was no diss in the track.

“It’s not a dis,” Jeezy told MTV. “First of all, I’m not gonna get nothing out of dissing that guy. That’s one. What am I gonna get out of dissing him? I think sometimes people can read into things too deep. They trippin’, man. They crazy out there. Basically, if homie takes that as a dis, he’s insecure.

“When it comes to that [Black Mafia Family] situation, I’m gonna talk about it a little flyer anyway,” he continued. “I happen to know that situation very well. But basically [‘Death B4 Dishonor’], it’s off a mixtape that’s coming out. My mixtape is coming out on Thursday, it’s called 1,000 Grams. I took all the records I liked and flipped them my way. It’s a gang of records on there like that. It’s like 12 joints, all records that I heard in the club that I like and flipped them my way.”

As far as lines like “How you Blowin’ Money Fast?/ You don’t know the crew/ Oh, you part of the fam?/ Sh–, I never knew,” Jeezy says the bars could go for anybody.

“That’s for real,” the rapper explained. “That’s for anybody. I got n****s in prison behind that sh**. I feel that if you speaking on sh**, you gotta at least know who you talking about. That’s like n****s speaking on Cash Money: If he ain’t never been a part of Cash Money, [then] I’mma speak it better if I’m a part of Cash Money. To me, [Black Mafia Family] was real. I know all the members. Who else would say a line like that but me? I’m one of the few people who can say that, so I said it. That’s real life, though. You gotta know the crew, baby. I thought that was the purpose of the game: to get on records and talk your sh**, right?”

(Download “Death B4 Dishonor” right here )

Later in the conversation with MTV, Jeezy addressed another previously released song, titled “The Real BMF,” which many believed to be respond to Ross’ song with the same title.

However, he explained that the song had been sitting in his vaults before Ross’ version even dropped, and when Rick Ross dropped his track, Jeezy decided to just leak it for free.

Jeezy’s upcoming 1,000 Grams mixtape is set to drop on Thursday (August 12) on his official website, According to MTV, on the mixtape Jeezy will rap over instrumentals such as Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag” and Kanye West’s “Power.”

It’s a prelude to the rapper’s upcoming official LP, TM103, set to drop before the end of the year.