Fat JoeEveryone knows that Fat Joe and 50 Cent aren’t the best of friends. Not even close, actually, since they began beefin’ years back.

Despite the friction between the two, Fat Joe says the two can be friends again … that is, if they can square off like men first.

In a recent inteview with MTV, where he spoke about his latest album The Darkside Vol. 1, the Bronx rapper said he’s open to deading the beef with 50 with a man-to-man confrontation.

“The day 50 Cent want to lock up with me in a bathroom and do this like men, we can hug each other and keep it moving the day after that,” Joe said.

“I would love to be in an airport, we bump into each other, we go in the men’s room, best man wins, that’s it.”

50 Cent doesn’t seem to want to end the situation with Fat Joe anytime soon though. When the first week sales of Joe’s Darkside album were revealed, the G-Unit founder took to his ThisIs50.com website to poke fun at the numbers — it sold just 12,000 copies and debuted at no. 27 on the Billboard 200.

In response, Joe tells MTV that 50 Cent has no room to talk when it comes to album sales since his last album, Before I Self Destruct, was unable to crack gold sales.

“You talk about album sales — he went from selling 10 million albums to not even going gold this last album. So, he lost nine-and-a-half-million fans in four years. I don’t really trip off him,” Joe said.

Joe went on to explain that Fif’s beef with him doesn’t hold any merit … and that when he first decided to diss him, it was just because he was hot, just as he has done in the past with others like Game, Cam’ron, Jadakiss, etc.

“The latest one he’s going at: Puff Daddy. He has beef with Jadakiss, he has beef with Cam’ron. Anybody we consider dope in New York, he has went at them. There ain’t nobody he ain’t touch,” Joe said.

“Fat Joe ain’t out here trying to battle-rap everybody in the world. That’s not what I’m about. What I am is a man, and when you disrespect my family and you disrespect me like that, there’s gotta be answers to the questions.”

The Darkside Vol. 1 is in stores now.