Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka FlameWhen Gucci Mane split from his manager Debra Antney, the mother of his buzzing artist Waka Flocka Flame, it was unclear how this would affect their working relationship.

But, the Atlanta rapper cleared things up recently.

In a recent Q&A session with Vibe.com, Waka Flocka revealed that since Gucci left, it’s changed their relationship drastically.

“Yeah, all the way … All the way,” he told the mag when asked about the situation. “I ain’t got beef or anything but it has changed.

“There is [no relationship]. We don’t talk anymore,” Waka added.

Shortly after Gucci Mane parted ways with Antney, so did Nicki Minaj. While it may have affected Gucci’s relationship with Waka Flocka, he says he and Nicki are still good.

“Nicki is still my homey, though. I got her number and can call her whenever,” said the rapper. “My momma ain’t got no problems with her or anything either. Let’s make that clear.”

Vibe asked Waka why both left. According to the rapper, it could’ve been any number of reasons, but pointed out that when you’re buzzing, people “get in your ear.”

“I can say when you start getting hot, there are a lot of people that get in your ear. I call that the devil,” he said. “It’ll turn you against the people that helped you. They must have just felt like they needed a change. Maybe they felt like other people can take their career somewhere else. I don’t know. Just like LeBron going to the Heat. I ain’t mad, though, or got problems with anybody. Moms is good; her bills are paid.”

Some have speculated that because Antney managed all three artists’ careers, that there might have been some special treatment because she was her son’s momager.

However, Waka says that far from the truth. When it comes to business, he explained that his mother acted as if they weren’t related.

“My mom was always there for me. She’s a real understanding person, but it was always about tough love,” Waka explained. “You can’t get no tighter than family. But when it’s business, I’m not her son. There’s no special treatment or anything. When I wasn’t working, she wasn’t even f***in’ with me in music (laughs). I had to put in work to get her attention. She told me she wasn’t putting money into a street dude. So I had to change up my plans.”

At press time, it was unclear how a non-speaking relationship with his label boss Gucci Mane will effect his album release, especially since he’s still currently signed to Gucci’s 1017 Brick Squad Records.

However, Waka is still hard at work on his debut album, Flockaveli, which he’s almost exclusively worked with producer Lex Luger, which he calls his Dr. Dre.