Sedgwick & CedarHeritage hip-hop brand Sedgwick & Cedar announced this week a new line representing the emergence of hip-hop culture and its movement across the world.

It’s called the “Planet Rock” line.

The Planet Rock line is named after the single of the same name released in 1982 by hip-hop’s “Master of Records” and founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa. It became a global hit and signaled the first hip-hop tour across the world.

With this as its inspiration, the Planet Rock line pays homage to the cities of New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Tokyo, who each embraced the genre’s culture as it spread across the world and inspired its own movements and celebrations of music that are all represented in classic images on these limited-edition shirts.

Each design in the new collection includes screen-printed images of monumental pieces of history stemming from those locations that each signaled the beginning of hip-hop in those regions.

Products from the new line are available now at