Hell RazahWu affiliate Hell Razah finished his new album, Heaven Razah, in late March and hoped to drop it by the summer. But, what fans were not anticipating was a health emergency that landed the rapper in the hospital in April, just after he finished recording.

Fans are waiting. Razah, a former Sunz of Man man member, released his acclaimed debut Renaissance Child in 2007, and fans have been eagerly awaiting his follow-up ever since.

With the support of a still-recovering Razah, Nature Sounds announced this week that Heaven Razah is set for release September 28th.

The album marks a rebirth for Razah, who has re-fashioned himself as a modern day hip-hop prophet, spitting spiritual wisdom about the apocalypse, the presence of demons, mortality, and the afterlife.

In light of recent events, his words sound even more prophetic.

“It was like a premonition. I was thinking about these themes, and my destiny was already in my brain, but I didn’t even know it,” Razah explained in his first comments since his being hospitalized for a brain aneurysm in April. “This is my testimonial. It’s like I’m seeing the future through music.”

In April, it was revealed that Razah had suffered a brain aneurysm and laid in a coma. For how long, it’s currently unknown. However, since the news, his camp has revealed that he’s on the road to recovery, which is “going well,” but Razah has “a long way to go.”

As far his current health status, he had this to say: “Right now, I’m in rehabilitation, doing physical therapy everyday to get back to 100%. I’m writing rhymes too, and the ideas are flowing. That’s my spiritual therapy.”

Over the past several years, Hell Razah has released projects with 4th Disciple, T.H.U.G. Anglez, Blue Sky Black Death, and his supergroup, Black Market Militia (Razah, Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest, and Timbo King).

While Razah enjoys collaborating with his peers, he held off on guest spots for Heaven Razah, with only a few spots from RA The Rugged Man, Timbo, and Shabazz The Disciple. He says he did this to show he can stand on his own two feet.

“I wanted to show that I can hold my own,” Razah said. “To me, features look like mixtapes. If you go back and look at classic albums like Illmatic, there weren’t a lot of features.”

Backing up Razah’s prophecy is an impressive collection of knocking instrumentals from the likes of Havoc, Ayatollah, Bronze Nazareth, 4th Disciple, and Mathematics.

Heaven Razah hits stores September 28th.