Wyclef JeanAs expected, Wyclef has officially announced that he will be running for the Haiti presidency this week, following news last week that he had filed legal documents required to run.

The 40-year-old musician revealed the news over the air on Miami radio this week, saying he’d be running during Haiti’s November vote.

During his radio interview Jean said his campaign, which will use the slogan “face to face,” will seek to attract young voters.

Following his announcement, he spoke with the Wall Street Journal, explaining that he feels he can leader for the youth and connect different parties to better the nation.

“My whole country, my whole life since I was a kid, the country has had political turmoil. The reason why is that there’s never been one person who can unite all parties and get them to work together. And Haiti has a history of coup d’états,” ‘Clef tells the WSJ. “And after Jan. 12, I felt there would be a new beginning and the international would be more involved, America would be more involved, and I call myself more connected. I’m someone who can connect the parties together and basically be a leader for the youth for what they’ve been crying for for years.”

He also said he wants to diversify Haiti’s import-dependent economy as it rebuilds from January’s 7.0-magnitude quake, according to the interview streamed on the station’s website.

Since the quake earlier this year, Wyclef has been at the forefront of relief efforts for his native country. The disaster left more than 200,000 Haitians dead and/or homeless.

The deadline to file candidacy papers is Saturday (August 7). He had been fielding rumors of his candidacy for years.

The winner of the November 28th election will preside over the spending of billions in international aid for reconstruction from the January 12 earthquake.