Dr. Dre Talks ‘Detox’, Track Leaks & Instrumentals Album In Vibe Cover Story

Eminem and Dr. Dre Vibe IssueDr. Dre and Eminem are set to cover Vibe’s upcoming August/September issue, set to hit newsstands later this month.

In the interview, the Good Doctor speaks on everything from the over-delayed Detox LP, the mysterious leaks from the records, and an upcoming instrumental album?

Here’s a few excerpts from the story:


When you first announced Detox did you think it would take this long?
Absolutely not. I thought it would take at worst case a couple of years. For example, actual work time on The Chronic was nine months and actual work time on my last album, 2001, was about 10 months. The actual work time on this album is about half of that, where I’m seriously focusing on it. There is always something coming up. Like signing talent, old and new.


So “Under Pressure” leaking was killer.

It was a little bit more frustrating because at least “Crack a Bottle” had a hook on it. I wouldn’t be as mad at a leak if the song was done.

Can you blame the fans for wanting to hear something after all this time?

Absolutely not. I’m not mad at the fans. I’m mad at the person that leaked the sh**. I have no idea how it got out. It’s not even worth looking to see who did it. It happens. The most painful part about it is that I’m passionate about what I do so people should hear it in the right form.

There were some other reference tracks that leaked with T.I. and Ludacris lyrics. Were those legit?

Two of them were. Somebody actually hacked into our emails, so that made our red flags go up. We’re in a new age and that’s a sign: Wake up motherf***er. You have to be more careful with your sh**. That’s all there is to it. I know what’s up now.


You mentioned a hip-hop album without rapping. Will we ever hear a Dr. Dre instrumental album?

Oh yeah, that’s in the works. An instrumental album is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I have the ideas for it. I want to call it The Planets. I don’t even know if I should be saying this, but f*** it. [Laughs.] It’s just my interpretation of what each planet sounds like. I’m gonna go off on that. Just all instrumental. I’ve been studying the planets and learning the personalities of each planet. I’ve been doing this for about two years now just in my spare time so to speak. I wanna do it in surround sound. It’ll have to be in surround sound for Saturn to work.

For more, visit Vibe.com, and/or pick up the issue when it hits newsstands on August 16th.

  1. is it real son really really real son, let me know it’s real son when it’s really real

  2. The people behind his beats have gone to pastures new, now he scared of being found out for what he’s always been…crack a bottle!

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