Messy MarvAfter two years of developing the its Town Thizzness imprint for Oakland, it’s time to put the focus on San Francisco with the launch of Thizz City, lead by Bay Area veteran TC.

Another vet in Messy Marv is doing his part to intro the imprint’s debut release, titled Messy Marv introduces Thizz City, a compilation focusing on the promising crop of up-and-coming talent signed to the label.

The 18-track album features all new material from Marv alongside Thizz City newcomers Roach Gigz, Hustle Boys, Killa Kiese, Cam City, Pac B and other SF giants.

TC, who played a key role in RBL Posse, 11/5, Dre Dog and Cold World Hustlers’ classic albums, was brought in to executive produce the project and ensure that the young roster had all the necessary guidance for their proper debut.

The combination of new city talent and the grandiose legend of past San Francisco hip-hop greats, marks a milestone which has helped to bridge the gap between the new trends of current rap music and the forever immortalized classics.

“Thizz City’s sole purpose is to discover and develop the next stars of San Francisco,” reveals TC. “The City is so diverse and has so much texture and it really needs its own label to focus solely on it. We’ve been working on this launch for two years and have finally aligned all the pieces we need for Thizz City to be successful. To say we’re excited is an understatement”

Thizz City is slated for release August 10th.