Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz Marry In Private Ceremony In Italy

Swizz Beatz and Alicia KeysFirst it was Tiny and T.I. just before the weekend, and now Alicia Keys made it official with producer Swizz Beatz over the weekend by tying the knot in Italy.

According to Miss Info, the couple exchanged vows in a small, private ceremony aboard a 260-foot yacht on the Mediterranean Sea, near near Sardinia’s uber-exclusive Costa Smeralda enclave.

Keys reportedly wore a white Grecian-inspired Vera Wang gown and a diamond encrusted tiara, and carried a bouquet of purple calla lilies. Swizzy wore a white Tom Ford tuxedo.

Only close friends and family attended. Among them were U2’s Bono and Queen Latifah.

Before they tied the knot though, Swizzy reportedly celebrated with two bachelor parties — one in New York and one on Friday (July 30) at Sardinia’s legendary Billionaire Club.

He even tweeted about it: “My party is crazyyyyyyy Italy Baby.”

After his wedding, the producer wrote this: “It’s a brand new day :) I feel like Nas and Diddy song :) love y’all and blessing!”

The couple have been reportedly seeing each other for well over a year. Keys was actually rumored to be the reason of Swizzy’s split with ex-wife Mashonda, despite the producer’s denial.

Keys and Swizzy kept their relationship underwraps until his divorce was final back in May, which was then followed by an engagement and pregnancy announcement by the couple shortly after.

Since then, Keys has proudly displayed her baby bump — performing at the World Cup Opening Ceremony and later at the 2010 BET Awards.

  1. errr…..

    Seriously who cares? She’s a ho and he’s a b*sta*d!! They deserve each other.

    PS: Nice gown and tiara though!

  2. hope it was fun cause she gon’ look like hell after that baby!!!
    all that fat ass gon be..
    FAT ASS..
    stretchmarks and tiddy nipples
    lookin like balogni slices
    and the bitch already had bad acne..
    once a bitch have a baby they depreciate in value!!!
    but she rich as a mufucka tho..

  3. It won’t last. She still broke up a marriage, no matter how popular, she is wrong is wrong.

  4. Question to the readers… Who got more money in this relationship? Swizz or Keys?

  5. In the words of Dave Chappelle, I wish all the hate in the world to these 2 muthafuckas. Hate! Hate! Hate!

  6. Swizz got the cake and now he’s eating it too, literally. damn. I saw Keys in concert up close and the bitch is oh so fine, thick thighs and fat pussy up close damn that twat looked good. Lucky Swizz dat nigga dick in heaven now fasho. redbone pussy is the best. Keys pussy is the ultimate.

  7. Hope you got a prenup Alicia… His tax and child supportd debts are now YOUR tax and child support debts….

    Not very bright young lady….

  8. LOL@ Italian fly….I saw her too dawg, not too up close but those hips can be spotted from a mile away. good lawd that woman is the definition of Fuck me Crazy..damn !!!

  9. Alicia Keys if Swizz Beats makes you happy Im happy for you but now that I have no dreams what Im I going to do with my life and It was all planed out to marry you and have a baby boy with you Alicia Keys and live the life I wanted to be a singer like you Alicia Keys and now what do I do were do I go or who do I look up to Alicia Keys cuise your my hereo all ways and now
    what do I do were do I go Im lost Alicia Keys haple me faned a way for my dreams to come true come no Alicia Keys your like a big sister to me and I love you?

    to Alicia Keys
    From Scott Houston

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