It’s Official, T.I. and Tiny Marry In Miami

Tiny and T.I.It’s official, T.I. finally tied the knot with Tameka “Tiny” Cottle in a secret ceremony on Friday (July 30), reports TMZ.

However, it wasn’t in Hawaii as reported in the rumor mill last week. No, they did it at the Miami Beach courthouse.

T.I.P. and Tiny have been dating for nearly a decade, says reports, and are raising six kids together.

The rapper, 29, said previously that when he did marry Tiny, 35, it would be private.

“We talked about wanting it to be our event, instead of it being everyone else’s event, so we just keep it to ourselves whatever we do,” T.I. said, according to

According to Us Magazine, the couple are planning a three-city celebration for their nuptials, which includes a wedding ceremony on a private island near Miami. Then, they will return to Atlanta for a reception Saturday afternoon, before heading to Las Vegas where the party will continue.

  1. Dat aint real…..y? kuz yal no i no dat nigga still gon b fuckin bytkhes, so watz da point?

  2. He dont need no prenup dummy – he been with the gal for probably 10 years – they are already common law. Plus they got kids, so no way outa that part

  3. Im glad they finally did it – made it legal.Those kids of theirs are going to school soon with all the other kids who have married parents. Good for these two – they seem like nice people.

  4. its about time he realized that he has a good lady in tiny…

    sad it took for him to almost lose everything for him to realize that..

    Lets get it together black men.

  5. Will look at that nigga face, that is the look of an unhappy individual. He picked this yuckmouth broad over Hoops? Crack Head.

    FROM: A Real Woman.

    How dare you. By you leaving that negative false statement it reveals your spirit which is mean you are a very mean spirited person to say something like that about Tiny. Do you know how nice of a person Tiny really is she donates money to charities. You should’nt have said that but you probably will stay ignorant for the rest of your miserable life. So whats the point of me writing this???

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