Big Boi x Converse

This summer Converse is set to honor legendary Atlanta rapper Big Boi, one-half of super group OutKast, by producing a special limited edition run of Chuck Taylor All-Stars, designed by the artist himself.

The iconic brand partnered with Big Boi to create the one-of-a-kind design in celebration of his recently released solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

“Everyone knows the Converse All-Star logo and I was honored when they approached me to create a design in celebration of my album release,” said the rapper. “It means a lot to me to give back to the fans that support my music, and as long as I can remember music and Converse have gone hand in hand, so partnering up with them was a no-brainer.”

Converse has long been associated with the worlds of music, sport, art and fashion and has a rich history of bringing them all together in its on-going commitment to being a catalyst for creativity.

The new special design features the album title wrapped around the outer sides of the shoe’s heel.

Fans can enter to win their own pair at one of a select few soon-to-be-announced online outlets, which will be giving away three exclusive copies of the shoe, autographed by Big Boi himself.

Stay tuned..

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