Big Meech’s Mom Says Drug Kingpin Loves Rick Ross’ Song ‘B.M.F.’

By Allen Starbury  |  07/26/2010

Rick RossWhile John Gotti's grandson might not be feelin' Rick Ross' use of his grandfather's nickname for his latest album, incarcerated drug kingpin Big Meech loves the Miami rapper's new street anthem "B.M.F.", borrowed from the name of his crew and label of the same name.

At least, that's what Meech's mother says.

According to, Meech's mother Lucille Flenory said in a recent interview with Atlanta's V103 that she had no problem with Ross using the B.M.F. name for a song and even claimed that Meech himself loves it.

"I had no problem with the song. I understand that this is an artist doing his thing. You know what I'm saying?' Ms. Flenory said on-air during the Frank and Wanda Morning show. "So I had no problem with the song. I felt this was a way of acknowledging Meech and keeping his name out there. Not making him one of the forgotten souls.

"One of our friends in the ATL played the song for Meech over the phone and he listened to the song and he really loved it," his mother added. "He appreciated the song. He said the guys in prison were ranting and raving about the song."

On the track, titled "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)," Ross is heard shouting out Big Meech on its chorus: "I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover / whipping work, hallelujah / one nation under God, real n****s getting money from the f***ing start."

Big Meech (real name: Demetrius Flenory) was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison in late 2008 for running a large scale nationwide cocaine trafficking ring which generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

He is serving out his sentence at Atlanta USP in Atlanta, Georgia, while his brother and co-founder of BMF "Southwest T" is serving his sentence at Herlong FCI in Herlong, California.