T.I., Tiny To Marry In Hawaii This Weekend: Rumor

T.I. and TinyAfter a three-year engagement, it’s rumored that rapper T.I. will finally tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle in a small ceremony in Hawaii over the weekend.

Nothing has been confirmed by the couple, but according to a report by TheYBF.com, family and friends have been flown to a private island in Hawaii to witness the couple exchange vows.

Both T.I. and Tiny reportedly left for Hawaii on Monday (July 12).

Pics of the couple’s children on the beach, and in the airport have been tweeted from people close to the couple.

In an interview with Vibe earlier this year, Tiny said the couple planned to marry this year, and has also said it’d be a summer wedding.

It’s not surprising that both T.I. and Tiny are tight-lipped about the wedding, especially since both have always been coy in discussing their relationship in the media.

Stay tuned…

  1. Tiny sounds like a hillbilly when she talks and her lip has about a foot of extra skin lol

  2. Y don’t da media will leave dem alone til they ready to address by their camp

  3. Dont’ do it TI…. run or swin away like hell…… Maybe since she has had is back for so long and puts up with his manly ways, his dumb ass probably fills he owes this to her……. YUCK!!!! so disgusted….

  4. King claiming he pimp and he getting married? pimp and marry in a same sentence? that gotta be funny

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