Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Last Album Sold For Just $10K?

Ol Dirty BastardIt’s been eight years since fans have received a new Ol’ Dirty Bastard album and six years since his untimely death. Today, we’re no closer to getting on than in the past.

Apparently, the rights to that album, which would be his last, were sold off by his widow for a very low amount, ODB’s manager Jarred Weisfield told the New York Post.

He says, Dirty’s widow, Icelene Jones, sold the rights to A Son Unique for a mere $10,000 without telling anyone … and spent the cash on herself.

“She sold out for peanuts,” Weisfeld told the paper.

Weisfeld says that the unreleased album would’ve brought in millions for Ol’ Dirty’s multiple children from four other women. So, he’s fighting her in court.

Family members and Weisfeld have reportedly filed suit for control over the remaining assets of ODB’s career.

ODB died in November 2004 from an accidental drug overdose.

At the time of his death, he had been recording the aforementioned A Son Unique album, which would have been released through Roc-A-Fella Records. A year prior to his death, just as he was released from prison, Damon Dash signed him to the label and re-named him Dirt McGirt.

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  2. That’s what happen when dumb people try to do business the shady smart people rip them off I bet that mofoker was laughing his ass off at that dumb bia he must have read Don King Bio steal millions from these dumb ass boxers and when they sue you give them a briefcase full of cash and they’ll take it every time dumb ass mofokers

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  4. I bet she spent the money on weave and smoke. You can’t get no realer than Dirty. He’s the only brother I actually believe in the rap game. A true savage, no doubt.



    She has been very selfish since that man died. … this goes to show, all those chicks going out there having kids by these random so called baller hot at the time rappers better think twice. The will end up broke with nothing but a ugly baby

  6. Ahaha this article crack me up. Fuckin bitch took all that money for reduced aging, possibly even implants, even possbly cosmetics or maybe pay for all her house debts. Weisfield must be cracking up. ODB that’s some wrong shit I dont even know the dude.

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