Jay-Z Denies Illuminati, Devil Worshipping Rumors With New Song

Jay-ZConspiracy theorist have long considered hip-hop superstar Jay-Z a member of secret society groups like the Freemasons, and even the Illuminati.

When he dropped the music video for his Swizz Beatz-produced single, “On To The Next One,” blogs went crazy, accusing the rapper of blatantly pledging his allegiance to the Illuminati with graphic imagery that many believed proved his association.

Despite Jay’s denials, the chatter has yet to die down. So, the rapper answered the rumors again … with a rap song, aptly titled “Free Mason,” with Rick Ross.

On the track, Hov denies membership of the clubs, and/or that he worships the devil.

“N****s couldn’t do nothing with me, they put the devil on me / I’d have preferred n****s squeeze the metal on me / Rumors of Lucifer, I don’t know who to trust / Whole world want my demise, turn the music up.”

Later in his verse, Jay spits: “Hear me clearly, If y’all n****s fear me, just say y’all fear me. F*** all these fairy tales / Go to hell, this is God engineering… / He without sin shall cast the first stone / So y’all look in the mirror, double check y’all appearance.”

Then, he flat out denies being a Freemason with: “I said I was amazing, not that I’m a Mason / It’s amazing that I made it through the maze that I was in / Lord forgive me, I never woulda made it without sin / Holy water, my face in the basin / Diamonds in my rosary shows he forgave him / Bitch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not.”

(Listen to “Free Mason” right here )

So, there you have it. Rumors of New World Order rap subliminals, secret handshakes, etc, are false. At least, he’s not going to admit it if they were.

The track, which also features John Legend, is set to appear on Rick Ross’ fourth studio album, Teflon Don, set to drop July 20th.

  1. Everybody needs to stop with the rumors&gossip,JUST A DAMN SONG THAT’S ALL!!!!!(PPL NEEDS TO WOKE UP!!!)

  2. jeez you people are uneducated, the golden rule for members in freemasonry and illuminati is simple, its called denial. Mainstream media brainwashing at its finest

  3. If someone questions your involvement you deny it simple, read up on the occult and you will find the answers for yourselves

  4. no one says he is IN the Illuminati. he Is a Tool. Symbols mean different things to different people and when you study and research the symbols being portrayed in his and others videos it is Flat-out Devil Worship.

  5. All i got to say is “the devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

  6. Paul-t, it’s all nonsense. If the ‘Golden Rule’ is denial, ask a Sunni Muslim, an Athiest anybody if they’re a part of this Illuminati. If they all say no, I guess they’re a part of it too huh? I guess I’m a part of it too since I deny it too. It’s just a song.

  7. Seriously this is sickening. Idk where or how these rumors started but the thing is if he in that he have to answer to god. So who are we to judge? I bet yall fornicate cuss everyday so you living in sin also. Ppl need to mind their business

  8. are people fuckin stupid infact im sorry not stupid CRAZY you must be a complete nut job to beleve these rumors come on people

  9. Jay-Z is a Mason. God engineering is masonic.

    Just because you deny being a mason doesn’t mean you are one – what kind of 4 year old logic is that anzee11?

    You deny being one, and your not. He denies being one, and he is. Easy.

  10. boooshit… god is number 1 the only real one,,how can some one even believe in that shit..

  11. in god we trust,,god is the only one that can judge us when the end of time comes ppl wil regeret not believing in him..yes we all sin bt thats y u repent,,god is stronger and loves each and one of us all this symbols are stupiddd!!!!

  12. Stop the fuckin hatin already, On to the next one, who gives a fuck, he’s a grown ass nigga and he can do whatever the fuck he wants. ya need to grow the fuck up.


    fyi: behold a pale horse william cooper was a fraud, a phony a, junkie a flunkie you little monkeys

  14. Jay-Z is not worshipping the devil. If anyone believes that you are just as worst as he is. He is only starting something just for people to have him rap about something for the next 2-3 years. No One Has Powers!!! You people really believe in the Wizard Of Oz.

  15. Stop bying into both sides. Most of you people dont really know what Masonry is about. Any Mason would really laugh at anyone who puts Masonry and Jay-Z in seats side by side.

  16. Anyone that keeps talking about the devil is only being tormented by him. The bottom line is the devil has no power unless you let him. Leave Jay-Z alone and stop hating. In 15 years from now, he will probably be just a music executive never to be heard again. He is only making buisness moves on people just to stay around for a while. PlEASE PEOPLE STOP KILLING ME WITH THIS!!!! He is amazing, not a mason. He said it!!

  17. Just look at what my friend THENTHEREWERE4 said earlier about Free Masons.

  18. Bro, how do you start the lede of your story with an error? It would be “theorists” instead of “theorist.”


  19. its evident that the devils trick 2 catch us was the fact of him tryna convince us that he does not exist.as 4 jiggas deniels we aint sure bwt wat hes tryna do.only GOD knows who is on his site as he is the one who knws our dark secrete.but all black everything and the mansons signal say and spread different view to different audiances.

  20. He is just trying to turn the table from people looking at him as a devil worshipper. If he didn’t believe in them why does he promote it in other songs or show it with what he does? Like others have said they are suppose to deny it because its a secret. the new world order/mason were all in the 9/11 attack and much more things. I mean i don’t even trust this country anymore!!

  21. man its so chrystal clear.who b4 the media in their godemn mind would ever admit that they r associated with the secret society.nwy evryone beta believe wat they wanna believe and live the judgin to God.

  22. If you don’t believe he is, play this song backwards and here the subliminal messages. It is standard to deny association with this group!!

  23. Gods real name is jehovah,no matter what!,why is jay calling himself hova?coincedence?what about “on to the next one”video?the joker,the crow faces in the video?actors who played them dead.dont know the code,but somen about vampires,owl,(soldiers who see at midnight)all black hezeus?jay knows god is jehovah,but puts the color of dark in god’s sons face and puts bullets beside for necklace?

  24. his buddy dame dash dated aliyah she played a queen of dam vampire now shes dead?roc-a-fella signed o.d.b. named his album baby jesus then died?biggie was jay-z best friend then died?he shouts out haitian jack on a song and thats the guy that framed tupac?NOT COINCEDENCES HE’S A HIP HOP COP HIRED SOFT GUY WHO KNOWS ABOUT 90%OF ENTERTAINMENT DEATH’S FOLLOW ME I KNOW THE WAY NO SECRETS PLEASE TRUST ME I KNOW THE WAY FOLLOW ME………

  25. Jay-Z just keep on doing what you’re doing.They will always criticize you.You just keep faith in yourself and answer to only one person that is “GOD”.No one is greater than he is.

  26. man how yall gonna talk about denial? if he cant deny it what the helss he gonna do? its all u can do. I mean what stops us of accusing everyone.

  27. HAHAHA, I laugh at you morons, you are all lost little fanatics. Some religious people are TRULY crazy.

  28. So check it. If he’s a devil worshiper then that’s sad. If he’s not then that’s great. But either way we have no clue. We dont know who he is or what he’s really like. Ya’ll need to stop acting like he is some super hero! All he is is a super famous celebrity that everyone seems to idolize. Do ya’ll realize that anything he says is what he WANTS you to hear. It’s not necessarily the truth, so stop praising this dude. And ya’ll “Christians” out there, you should know better than to listen to music that is filled with profanity and is degrading to women. And to everyone else, STOP FALLING VICTIMS TO SOCIETY.
    Peace and Love, JoJo

  29. Just to clear my name, I did not write the post listed here under Nicole Aponte! But I have actually done studying on this subject and so I decided to post today that there are many sites and videos supporting the Mason/Jay Z connection if you do a google serach. His clothing line has Mason/Illuminati imagery and studies of his lyrics reveal coded words.
    If he is promoting anti-Christian lifestyle, then those who are in Christ should stay away from his music. It’s a personal choice.

  30. jayz always lyin he a goofy lien is not worth it tells us the truth

  31. I swear you guys can find a way to connect the dumbest things to the illuminati. Omg an orange, it’s orange, orange is a color, color has 5 letters in it, omg that’s 1 before 6. 5+1=6. The word six has three letters. Three sixes equals 666. Omg devil worshiper. ILLUMINATI LOL.

  32. Jay -Z is an artist…people obviously need something to talk about…can’t a person actually be famous without having accusations made to how they got there?? congrats to Jay-Z and anyone else who chased a dream and caught it. Take care and GOD bless us all.

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