Paul Wall Drops 100 Lbs. After Undergoing Gastric Surgery, Says It Saved His Life

Paul Wall weight loss

Paul Wall weight lossWhen Houston rapper Paul Wall shot to stardom in 2005 with his debut The People’s Champ, he didn’t have much of a weight problem.

But, as he blew up and his schedule got busier, his unhealthy habits began to catch up with him and if you browse through pictures of the rapper over the last five years, you’ll notice the fluctuation in weight.

Eventually, Paul’s syrup sippin’ had to stop because he had ballooned to around 320 pounds. That’s when, he says, he had to do something because his health was at risk.

“I tried doing it the legit way. I stopped sippin’ “syrup, stopped taking pills … all that, but it ain’t work,” Paul tells “So I went out, went on and got surgery man.

“I lost 100 pounds, so I’m back at my fight weight. I’m ready. The champ is back.”

Paul underwent what a procedure called gastric sleeve surgery just after New Year’s. It basically “removes about 60 percent of the stomach so that it takes the shape of a tube or sleeve,” according to Your Bariatric Surgery Guide. Before surgery, however, Paul tried to drop weight the all-natural way — cutting out things in his diet and exercising. He actually ran on his treadmill and exercise bike on a regular basis. In the end, Paul said he had no choice but to go under the knife.

“[The surgery] saved my life for real,” Paul said. “I really didn’t have too much of a choice, because the doctor told me I was morbidly obese. So, I really didn’t have a choice. I was like ‘Man, I’m morbidly obese, I need to do something. Man, I got to save my life.’ ”

With a new healthy frame of mind, Paul says he ready to get back into the ring and on his grind. His first order of business is his upcoming album Heart of a Champion, set to drop July 13th.

Paul’s good friend Travis Barker handled half of the album’s production, while the Neptunes contributed to at least one track. Guest appearances include the likes of Jay Electronica, Raekwon, Jim Jones, and Kid Sister, among others.

Until July, fans can download his new mixtape, Sole Music, which he released last week.

  1. those weight loss surgeries can be amazing things if you’re willing to put the work in. mine worked for me. i’m amped to hear from paul wall again.

  2. The surgery is not going to stop future weight gain so why do that to your body. Our bodies are not our own. God says so. He gives a whole stomach for a reason. Well be judged 4 what we do in this body.

  3. Damn i never knew he weighed that much he didnt even look it and i never really payed much attention too busy jamming his hits lol good luck with everything mayne stay holding it down for TX!!!

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