Snoop Dogg Gets Tattoo Of Wife Shante From Mister Cartoon

Mister Cartoon inking Snoop DoggBig Snoop Dogg and Los Angeles tatto legend Mister Cartoon have been working hand-in-hand over the past few months, promoting the release of a Sanctioned Motorola phone through MetroPCS.

Just last week they threw an event at Toons’ studios with Snoop in tow.

So, when the west coast rapper was ready for some ink, it only made sense that he came to Mister Cartoon to get it done.

Both Toons and Snoop tweeted about the session on Monday (June 14), and the tattoo vet tweeted up some photos of it going down …

“Monday Morning session with the boss dogg @snoopdogg about to get busy with this Tatttoo,” Cartoon wrote on his Twitter (@MisterCtoons)

In the end, the rapper left with a portrait piece of his wife and high school sweetheart Shante Broadus, with the words “Boss Lady” underneath.

Props to Toons from the staff, he’s getting his just dues after all these years.

Make sure to visit to get inked by the legend.

Snoop Dogg tattoo from Mister Cartoon

  1. Jinx, jinx, jinx! Every time someone tats someone’s name, nickname, or likeness, the relationship is doomed! I’d like to see someone disprove my theory!


  2. @hong kong phuey- ” see thats how rumors get started. Why would snoop have hiv. If anything snoop should watchout for those tat needles. Wake up and say something smart!

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