Eve Says Mase Is The Reason She Stopped Stripping & Focused On Music

EveMase may have received backlash for his constant shift between being a pastor and a rapper in the past, but he’s actually done some good for many. It was long reported that he told DMX to go on the straight and narrow — even though it didn’t work. But, he also helped another member of the Ruff Ryders when they were going nowhere.

That rapper was Eve.

In an interview Eve did for a recent episode of VH1’s “Behind The Music” on her life and career, the female rapper revealed that before the fame, she was going down a dark path. And, it wasn’t until Mase gave her some words of encouragement that she finally focused.

According to the upcoming special, Eve was a stripper in Philadelphia when a chance encounter with Mase took place … and it changed her life.

“He came into the club and looked at me and literally was like, ‘What’s your name?’ And I gave him every stripper name under the sun! I was like, ‘I’m Ginger, I’m Sassy!’ He was like, ‘Why don’t you go get dressed, let’s go just talk,’ ” Eve said. “And we did, we talked throughout the night. He was like, ‘You’re really talented. What are you doing? You know you’re not supposed to be here. You know it.’

She says having a celebrity of that stature at the time tell her she had skills confirmed what she’s beleived all along.

“It was a confirmation for me that all these thoughts, all this sadness. All these times that I wake up in the morning, I’m like, ‘Why do I feel like this?’ And I know I’m not supposed to be there. It just woke me up,” the rapper explained.

From there, Eve decided to focus on her music.

At 18 years old, Even audition for Aftermath A&R, Mike Lynn, who was impressed by her skills. Mike introduced her to Dr. Dre, who signed her to Aftermath.

But, the deal didn’t work out. Months after she was signed, Dre found an unknown white rapper named Eminem and Eve was released shortly after.

Luckily, Eve didn’t stop. She eventually hooked up with the Ruff Ryders camp … and the rest is history.

Mike Lynn, A&R of Aftermath Records. After one verse and hook he knew he had a star.

Mike introduced Eve to Dr Dre who signed her to a record deal. But after Eminem came into the picture, Aftermath released her after only 8 months.

Eventually she got a chance to audition for Ruff Ryders and the rest is history.

The episode of “Behind the Music” featuring Eve aired on Monday (June 14) on VH1. Head over to VH1.com for clips from the show, as well as bonus footage.

  1. That’s Great 4 him to step in to save here frm stripping in front of dirty dawgs.Just Hoping Eve will make a eighth year comeback 2 da game

  2. Ya’ll know Mase smashed it, then told her how talented she was! This nigga talkin bout having a convo after meeting her in the club. Come on now nigga! HAHAHA!

    Shout out to Pastor Mase! Yessur!

  3. Its amazing who they let into the business. Shes not even hot or cute. Stripper? Shes straight hoodrat with a wig on.

  4. I apologize to eve for what i said about her looks. She doesnt need to be hot or cute. Just right with GOD through CHRIST. I repent to GOD For posting what i did. In JESUS name i am forgiven. Amen

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