Necro Fans Launch Campaign To Get Rapper On The ‘Howard Stern Show’

NecroFresh off nationwide tour in support of his latest solo album, DIE!, rapper/producer Necro has launched an online campaign/petition to get him on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Started by his fans, the New York rapper feels that his style of rap, which focuses around brutality and sex, will fit perfect on Stern’s popular Sirius/XM show. So, he and his fans are pushing an online petition to get him on the air.

“Necro is the most vulgar rapper of all time and there’s no other musical act more suitable for Howard Stern than the Sexorcist himself. We the undersigned won’t rest until Necro is a guest on The Howard Stern Show,” the petition site reads.

Necro and his fans urge others to help by signing the petition, and contacting the Howard Stern Show direct to let them know you want him on.

“Don’t stop calling & emailing until he gets on,” fans posted on the petition site.

To sign the petition, visit

The Howard Stern show request contacts are: 1-888-9-ASSHOLE (1-888-927-7465) and email at

Necro’s latest album, DIE!, is in stores now.

  1. Howard always has desperate guest on his show. You just got be initiated to do “anything” to get on. Come Necro Anal Ring Toss, Cockaoke, Tea Bag …

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