Akomplice Clothing, Conveyor Fred Segal To Debut ‘Green’ Collaborative Product

Akomplic Paint Project

“Making roads and roofs a paler color could have the equivalent effect of taking every car in the world off the road for 11 years.” – Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy for the US

Akomplice Clothing and Fred Segal Conveyor will host the debut event for Akomplice’s global Paint It Cool tour at the Conveyor Fred Segal store this week in Santa Monica, CA, where they will debut a collaborative product pack promoting the use of “cool roofs” to dramatically cool buildings as well as help urban air quality.

The event, which takes place on Wednesday (June 16) from 7-10 p.m., is a special collaborative product-pack created by Akomplice and Conveyor Fred Segal, aimed at promoting the use of cool roofs. It will be released exclusively at this event, and will also serve as the opening party for Akomplice’s in-store exhibition that will be on display in Conveyor Fred Segal for the entire month of June.

The installation creatively demonstrates why and how The Paint Project works. Together Akomplice and Conveyor Fred Segal have created a product that promotes a “green” building strategy. This product and the corresponding exhibition provide background educational information on the science behind cool-roofs, while promoting cool-roof initiatives on individual and legislative levels.

These roofs and roadways help reduce the temperature of urban centers by reflecting a significant portion of incoming solar radiation back into space. This cooling effect has an enormous positive effect on urban air quality, while also significantly lowering air conditioning demands, thus saving consumers thousands of dollars in utility bills.

Akomplice Clothing is also working with the City of Los Angeles to find a suitable demonstration site for the implementation of a cool-colored roof, using materials supplied by EnviroSafe Paints (America’s premium no-VOC paint) and Miracle Cover (America’s Finest Liquid Sealant).

As part of the six-continent tour, Akomplice Clothing and Conveyor Fred Segal’s next stop will be Asia in December 2010, where they have partnered with retailer Lafayette in Tokyo, Japan to release The Paint Project, complete with a new t-shirt design.

For more info on Akomplice Clothing and The Paint Project, visit Akomplice-Clothing.com and/or PaintItCool.org

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