Diddy Talks His Life, Career & Empire

  1. As wierd as it seems, buying a 16 year old a car valued at well over a quarter of a million dollars, I think he was right. You can’t question that. Which is worse, buying a child luxury items or having a child, abandoning him, not helping the mother with the finances it takes to raise him/her & just being a deadbeat??? I wouldn’t have done it, but we have our own lives to lead so let him lead his.

  2. Did he reveal how he set Biggie up? if not, I don’t wanna see it. Fuck Ditzy.

  3. he was really uncomfortable answering questions about all them damn baby mommas. DIddy is a fucking joke. he didnt produce any damn records.

  4. It wasnt wise and i think he did it to top all of the other parents sweet sixteen gifts to their kids for the episode that aired. Now his son is primed for more profiling and danger. People get killed by haters.

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