DJ Absolut Sues Over Unpaid Royalties For Drake’s Single ‘Best I Ever Had’

DrakeAnother week and another lawsuit against Cash Money Records. This time, it’s not for a Lil Wayne track though. It’s for one Drake’s hits, his biggest actually.

Queens-based deejay, DJ Absolut, has reportedly filed a lawsuit over unpaid royalties for his contribution to Drake’s 2009 smash hit, “Best I Ever Had.”

According to a New York Daily News report, Absolut claims his beats were used in the hit song without his knowledge and now wants his cut.

DJ Absolut (real name: Shaune Muir) told the paper that he didn’t realize his composition made it into the the rapper’s single until he heard it on the radio in March 2009.

Apparently, Absolut gave the beat to southern rapper Kia Shine, who agreed in December 2008 to pay him 20% royalties from anything made from the beat. But, Shine secretly went to Drake last September and cut a deal to get a 25% interest in the song’s copyright — an arrangement that has already netted him $1 million, the lawsuit documents claim.

The DJ says Shine and/or his reps have refused to return calls from his lawyer, so they’ve filed a legal suit in Queens Supreme Court last week against shine for breach of contract.

“Kia Shine needs to uphold his end of the agreement,” said Muir’s lawyer, Brian Levy. “It wasn’t my client’s desire to resort to legal action to get him to do it. We’ve reached out to him, but he has not chosen to respond.”

Drake has publicly denied Shine had anything to do with the megahit single.

  1. Man Cash Money has become so dirty over the last several years…scandals left and right! SMH…

  2. im a huge cash money/young money fan, but im starting to see a trend with them. With every hit single they have, they owe people money and not paying up. Ronald and Brian Williams you niggas need to get your shit straight and baby stop getting all those damn tats and pay your bills.

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