Mike Schpitz as Mike Murder

Our boy, and rising rapper Mike Schpitz just dropped a brand new mixtape, where he murders sh**. Thus, titling it Mike Murder.

Over the past few weeks, Mike has been leaking track-after-track from the upcoming tape, and now, it’s finally here.

“What up world????? It’s me, I’m back again. Mike Schpitz on that Mike Murder sh**,” the rapper exclaims on the mixtape’s intro track “Mike Is Like.”

Last week, we gave Mike a chance to explain his motivation behind Mike Murder. He told us that, in recent year, the emphasis on lyrics in hip-hop has faded, so he wanted to bring it back … by creating a project focused strictly on rhyming. No hooks, all rhymes … and of course, to show off his skills. We think he accomplished his mission with flying colors.

“I took ten familiar, ‘industry’ beats and rapped anywhere from 65-110 bars … non-stop. My focus on this project was simply to show people that I rap good,” Schpitz told us. “Sorry for the grammar error, but that is the best way I know how to put the project into a simple description. It’s easy to run out of subject matter when you write thousands of verses and hundreds of songs, so with Mike Murder, I tried to be as clever as possible with the wordplay and patterns.

“I’ll save the rest of the ‘back-patting’ and let the music speak for itself,” he added.

Aside from us co-signing it, other dope sites also jumped aboard, including DJBooth.net, YNotMyDream.net, RefinedHype.com and PMG Media.

No more keeping you waiting. Download Mike Murder right here, via DJBooth.net.

And, also make sure to visit Mike’s official website at MikeSchpitz.com.

Mike Schpitz as Mike Murder