DollaThe man that was charged with the murder of Atlanta rapper Dolla, during a shooting last year in Los Angeles, was acquitted of the crime on Friday (May 21) in an L.A. court room.

According to reports, jurors rejected prosecutors’ claims that the murder was an act of apparent revenge, leaning more towards the defense’s claim that he acted in self-defense.

Dolla (real name: Roderick Anthony Burton II) has been involved in an altercation with Aubrey Louis Berry two weeks earlier in an Atlanta nightclub. Coincidentally, the pair were in Los Angeles at the same time.

The two spotted each other at a restaurant in Los Angeles’ Beverly Center Mall, and later exchanged words in the valet area. This is when, Berry pulled his gun and shot the rapper.

Dolla died shortly after suffering gunshot wounds. He was just 21 years old.

During the trial, Berry’s attorney Howard Price argued that he had acted in self-defense, pointing to Dolla’s lyrics as reference that he glorified a violent gangster lifestyle in his music.

While prosecutors painted Berry as a killer, who “murdered [Dolla] in cold blood, then tried to escape to Atlanta,” Price painted a very different picture of him. He said that he worked in commercial marketing, in the music industry, and “never killed anything” growing up, while portraying the late rapper as a person with a violent streak, bragging in his lyrics about carrying guns, singing “You be running when I shoot, I be shooting where you running” in one song.

Price claimed Berry shot Dolla because he had threatened to kill him and feared he had a gun. He also added that Berry believed the rapper had gang ties.

On Friday, a jury found Berry not guilty of first degree murder and all other charges, including assault with a firearm.

Dolla was signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik label, and was in Los Angeles recording for his debut album, Dolla & A Dream. He’s best known for his debut single, “Who The F*** Is That?” featuring T-Pain.