Twitter for iPhone appIt’s been a month since Twitter officially acquired popular tweeting app Tweetie, and now, the social networking site has launched its official app for the iPhone.

The new app, according to an LA Times report, is a revamped version of Tweetie with “minor improvements.”

Some of those improvements include additions to the app’s search capabilities, which help find more content … and also allows users to browse the social network without having a Twitter account. The “retweet” button more accessible now.

Outside of that, users can do all the usual things like send out tweets, see what those they follow are saying, and issue direct messages to friends. You can also “share photos, videos and links,” according to a description in the App Store.

The biggest difference, of course, is cost. Tweetie was originally on sale for $2.99 before Twitter acquired it. Twitter’s app? Free.

The L.A. Times says that Twitter’s decision to acquire Tweetie and offer an app of its own has sparked debate among developers, who wonder what its their future now that Twitter has begun rolling out their own mobile apps.

In late April, Twitter rolled out their own app for Android phones.

What do you think of the official Twitter app for the iPhone so far? What were you using before?