Jay-Z and Mayor BloombergJay-Z had a nice little power breakfast on Wednesday (May 19), dining with two billionaires at New York’s Gracie Mansion. The meeting of minds was with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Russian billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov.

Jay and the NYC mayor were welcoming Prokhorov into town, who was there to handle biz for his newly acquired NBA team, the New Jersey Nets, where he’s now the majority owner.

The rapper owns a minority stake in as well.

Despite their very different backgrounds, Prokhorov and Jay hit it off. He tells the New York Daily News, “We are soul mates.”

Prokhorov also added that he and Jay are a lot more alike than most would think: “Despite the fact that I am very far from the rap music, we have a lot in common,” Prokhorov tells the New York Post.

After the power meeting, Prokhorov used the remainder of his day to tour the city, stopping at Yankees stadium, hitting Manhattan, and also making stops in the Bronx and Jay-Z’s native Brooklyn, where he hopes the Nets will relocate to in two years.

The Nets are due there in a new downtown arena for the 2012 season opener, reports the Daily News.

This will not be the last of Prokhorov’s and Jay’s breakfast meetings either. Since the two share the “Nets owner” title, the billionaire says: “I’m looking forward to hanging out with him.”

Since hitting town, the new Russian Nets owner is already flexing his ownership muscle, releasing team GM Kiki Vandeweghe, and further adds that he hopes to raise the team’s stature not only as an NBA team, but a team the entire world loves. By moving to Brooklyn, Prokhorov says it’s a step toward making the Nets a global brand.

As far as team roster changes? Nothing has been decided just yet, or announced that is. But, Prokhorov plans to make the Brooklyn Nets a priority destination for top NBA players, including free agents LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.