UNDFTD 2010 World Cup tees

T.I.T.S. Brand 2010 World Cup line

In honor of the 2010 World Cup, quite a few clothing lines have launched a series of tees to support their love for soccer. A couple we noticed and liked are … Undefeated and T.I.T.S. Brand.

Undefeated reworked their reworked their iconic 5-strike logo tee by incorporating the national flags of several key countries — including Germany, France, Portugal, England, South Africa, Brazil and Spain.

There’s seven different tees in all, which will all be available to the public from May 22 on at all UNDFTD chapter and web stores (UNDFTD.COM).

T.I.T.S. did something similar. They created a series featuring different girls holding a soccer ball in front of their respective country’s flags.

According to the clothing brand, the idea came about after receiving numerous requests from from international fans, asking that they create tees featuring girls and their favorite sport. So, they felt the World Cup would be perfect for it.

“When this idea came about, we knew that we would not have enough time to make the quality of shirt that our fans are used to seeing if we did a tee for every country. So instead, we picked eight and made sure that they were up to the caliber that our customers have grown to love about our brand,” said T.I.T.S. founder, Marek Grubel.

The eight countries include Spain, Brazil, USA, England, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy.

T.I.T.S. says there was “no discrimination in picking the countries. We just picked eight and went with them.”

Check them out, or cop one at TITSBrand.com.